ABC's Once Upon a Time is ready to bring out the big guns in season two. Last week we learned that Sleeping Beauty and Mulan were cast, and now this week show creators Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis announced that three more fairy tale characters will be showing up in Storybrooke.

Let's take a look at all of the newest arrivals to Once Upon a Time.

Jorge Garcia as a mystery character -- Horowitz and Kitsis were formerly producers of the hit series Lost. Besides littering Once Upon a Time with references from their former show, they are also pulling in old cast members! TVGuide is reporting that the producers are trying to find a role for Jorge Garcia, who formerly played Hugo on Lost.

Garcia is free to tackle a new role since his Fox series Alcatraz was canceled after its first season. Horowitz and Kitsis won't say what fairy tale character they have in mind for Garcia, but TV Guide has its own theory, thinking the actor will portray Pinocchio's demented puppetmaster, Stromboli.

Ariel -- Once Upon a Time will be getting a splash of The Little Mermaid when Ariel shows up in Storybrooke. Judging by Kitsis' choice of words to TVGuide, it doesn't look like Ariel is cast yet.

Aladdin -- The producers also teased that the actor in the title role of fairy tale Aladdin will be riding his magic carpet into town. Once again, no actor has been linked with the new role.

Jafar -- If Aladdin is in town then Jafar shouldn't be too far behind. While an actor to play Jafar hasn't been officially confirmed, Kitsis revealed to TVGuide that they are trying to bring in Naveen Andrews, who formerly played Sayid on Lost.

Sleeping Beauty/ Princess Aurora -- We previously revealed that Tudors actress Sarah Bolger has been cast as the beautiful Sleeping Beauty. Entertainment Weekly stated that her character will be a twist from the original Disney telling. The character will reportedly be a spoiled girl from a privileged background who's willing to 'sacrifice everything for love.'

Mulan -- Hangover 2 star Jamie Chung has been cast as legendary warrior Mulan. Like most characters in Storybrooke, Mulan is reported to have a dark past full of betrayal.

Belle -- Viewers saw Emilie de Ravin (another Lost alumni) very briefly in season one as Belle. The actress will be reprising her role as a newly promoted series regular in season two. Ravin was also featured on the teaser poster for season two, so expect Belle to be a key player in Storybrooke when the series resumes.

Which fairy tale characters do you want to join Once Upon a Time?