“Once Upon A Time” took fans on a WILD ride. Viewers were whipped through Storybrooke and the Enchanted Forest with threats of returning to New York. However in the end, the finale put our favorite characters on an exciting new path. So, what happened? We’re here to break down the surprise finale ending that set up Season 4 of the hit ABC series.

Emma And Hook

Emma and Hook got sucked into Zelena’s portal in the Season 3 finale, sending them into the Enchanted Forest of the past. The pair were forced to find a way back to the future; however, in usual “Once Upon A Time” fashion, there was a twist – if they changed anything they risked changing the future!

And Emma and Hook did just that. After accidentally interrupting Snow White and Prince Charming’s meeting, it was up to the duo to set them back up. However Regina made the task much more difficult than it had to be. Emma ultimately ended up getting locked up by the evil queen, and Hook was forced to ask Charming and Snow for help in rescuing his “princess” (Emma had taken on the fake name of Princess Leia). But before Hook could free Emma, the blonde beauty managed to escape on her own … with a mysterious woman.

After successfully getting Charming and Snow together, Hook and Emma return to Rumple to get the portal to the future open. But unfortunately for them, Rumple can’t get the magic going and decides to keep them prisoner. However Emma regains her magic thanks to the power of love and is able to open the portal on her own. The pair returns to the future – with the mysterious woman Emma accidentally freed and an urn.

Back in Storybrooke, Emma makes the decision to stay instead of move to New York. Things get steamy between Hook and Emma when she kisses the pirate after he confesses to trading a magic bean in order to find her in New York when the curse hit.

The Mysterious Woman

Who is the mysterious woman that tagged along with Hook and Emma? It’s none other than Maid Marion – Robin Hood’s dead wife. Needless to say, Regina is less than pleased with Emma. And because Regina's fairytale ending with Robin Hood was ruined, the war between the two fierce females is back on!

The Urn

Maid Marion isn’t the only thing that Hook and Emma brought back with them. The final moments of the Season 3 finale show the urn spilling – and forming into Elsa from “Frozen.”

For those unfamiliar with Disney’s “Frozen,” Elsa is the Queen of Arendelle, but better known as the “Snow Queen.” Elsa possesses the power to create ice and snow, but her fear of hurting those she loves leads her to isolate herself from others.

While the “Once Upon A Time” finale didn’t come right out and say that the woman that emerged from the urn was Elsa, the official Twitter page did post a pretty big spoiler for Season 4:

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