It sounds like “Once Upon A Time” will again be raising a character from the dead. Despite being killed off in Season two of the ABC series, is reporting that Sinqua Walls will be returning as Lancelot. “I’m going back to ‘Once Upon A Time’ in the summertime to do more with Lancelot, so that should be really fun,” Walls said.

The only problem is Lancelot was supposedly killed off by Cora after a curse hit the Enchanted Forest.

“I don’t know exactly how the character’s going to evolve,” the “Teen Wolf” actor continued. “But we’ll see more parallels, and [get more] answers. And is he really dead, or not?”

While Walls seems excited about his return to “Once Upon A Time,” curiously a rep for the show told TVLine, “We have no plans at this time to bring back the character.”

Fans of the series will recall Lancelot played a small but important role in the second season. In a flashback during the third episode of the season, it was revealed that despite working for King George, he helped reunite Snow White with Prince Charming.

After the Evil Queen cursed the Enchanted Forest, Lancelot somehow ended up staying behind instead of traveling to Storybrooke with a majority of the fairy tale characters. When Snow and Emma got sucked back into the Enchanted Forest, they were happy to find Snow’s old friend Lancelot leading the refugee camp; however, Lancelot wasn’t the same knight that Snow knew before the curse. It was learned that he had been killed by the Evil Queen’s mother, Cora, who had shifted into his body to use his powerful stance over the refugees.

Could Dr. Frankenstein be working to bring people back from the dead again? Does Cora actually have Lancelot locked up somewhere? Or is “Once Upon A Time” really done with Lancelot’s storyline? Viewers will have to wait until “Once Upon A Time” returns for its third season on ABC this fall.