Things took a chilly turn in episode 6 of “Once Upon a Time” when the Season 4 “Frozen” storyline continued. Fans of the hit ABC series finally got some answers about Elsa (Georgina Haig) and Anna’s (Elizabeth Lail) past in Arendelle – but it also opened up the door for many more questions.

Episode 6, “Family Business,” kicked off with the town of Storybrooke splitting up to find the Snow Queen (Elizabeth Mitchell). Just last week Emma (Jennifer Morrison) discovered that the Snow Queen had been her foster parent as a child, however the motives of the mysterious villain were still unclear. After the Snow Queen’s ice cream truck turned up in the woods by Robin Hood’s (Sean Maguire) camp, Emma discovered that the Snow Queen had kept a file on her – everything from newspaper clippings to school artwork and birthday cards. As Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) explained to Emma, you don’t keep something like school papers and paintings unless you care for someone. However that doesn’t answer why the Snow Queen erased six months of Emma’s life. Emma’s theory was hat something bad happened to flip that switch.

Meanwhile in Arendelle of the past, Anna returned to the castle to find Elsa learning how to control her powers with the help of the Snow Queen, their aunt, Ingrid. Elsa was ecstatic to have her aunt’s help, however Anna was suspicious of the mysterious woman because their parents never told them about her. Worried about Elsa getting hurt, Anna left the castle to seek answers from the Grand Pabbie (John Rhys-Davies). It was while embarking on her journey that she met Belle (Emilie de Ravin), a woman from the Enchanted Forest who was seeking answers about her dead mother.

The two women went to the Grand Pabbie and got what they were looking for. For Belle, the Grand Pabbie gave her a stone to brew in a tea in order to regain her memory on her mother’s passing. For Anna, the Grand Pabbie revealed that her mother had not one, but two sisters – Helga and Ingrid. When Elsa and Anna’s mother was young her two sisters went missing. The royal family of Arendella was devastated and turned to the Grand Pabbie to erase everyone’s memories of Helga and Ingrid.

Confused as to why Ingrid would lie about what happened, Anna tried to race home to tell Elsa. But Ingrid had followed Anna and stopped her by brewing a storm.

The magical weather caused Anna to get stuck on the edge of a cliff. She called for Belle to help her, but Belle chose to save the stone that the Grand Pabbie gave her. Unfortunately the unstable weather caused the stone to fall and shatter on the ground – and Belle’s delay caused Anna to fall as well. The Arendelle princess hit the ground and was knocked unconscious. Ingrid appeared and removed the Sorcerer’s hat that was in Anna’s possession before whisking her away to a dungeon.

When Anna woke the Snow Queen revealed that she was going to tell Elsa that Anna was going to try to strip her of her magic. Anna tried to explain that she had no plans to use the Sorcerer’s hat, but the Snow Queen wouldn’t listen. When Anna asked what she wanted from them, Ingrid told her the truth – a family.

“For a brief moment I thought the three of us could be that family,” Ingrid told her niece. “But you showed me that plan would never work. You have nothing in common with Elsa and me. You are the odd woman out. Now I suppose I have to find someone else to take your place.”

It wasn’t until “Once Upon a Time” cut back to Storybrooke that it was revealed what Ingrid truly meant – she wanted to replace Anna with Emma. In an interesting twist, Emma looked just like Helga. On top of that, Ingrid had a prophecy that revealed that the savior would become Ingrid’s sister.

Emma would never join Ingrid willingly, however the Snow Queen had a plan that would get her the family she desired – a magic mirror. The mirror was cast with a spell that could turn everyone in town turn on each other until the only ones left were Ingrid, Elsa and Anna.