The ocean is filled with some baffling and amazing creatures. One such creature is a rare baby one-eyed albino shark that was recently discovered by fishermen in Indonesia.

The fishermen were sailing across Indonesia’s Maluku province Oct. 10 when an adult shark got caught in the nets and died. When the fishermen cleaned the fish and cut its belly open to remove the gut, they were shocked to find the unusual creature.

The baby albino shark was milky white with one eye in the middle on the head. It was, however, dead when they found it.

The fishermen immediately informed the local marine officers about the discovery and handed over the rare creature to them.

One of the fishermen, 29-year-old Andy, said they believe the adult shark was pregnant with the rare baby when it accidentally got caught in their net.

"We found three babies inside its stomach, but one of them looked strange with only one eye. Its colour was strange too, like milk," he said, Yahoo News reported.

Reports stated the fish had a condition called Cyclopia, which refers to a birth deformity in which the embryo forms only one eye.

Meanwhile, the photos of the fish have gone viral on social media, leaving people baffled.

Earlier this month, a rare two-headed baby shark was discovered by a fisherman off Palghar coast in the Indian state of Maharashtra. A fisherman, identified as Nitin Patil, who discovered the six-inch fish, threw it back into the sea after taking a few photos of it. He then forwarded the photos to other fishermen who told him that the shark was a rare anomaly. They then sent the photos to researchers from the Indian Council for Agricultural Research - Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute who said the heads of the shark were joined behind the gills. The photos of the shark have since gone viral on social media.

shark-426566_640 Shark Photo: Pixabay