• "One Piece" Chapter 1003 is scheduled to release on Feb. 7
  • The incoming chapter is titled "Night on the Board"
  • Kaido is reportedly going to show his new form in Chapter 1003

Just when fans thought they had seen the extent of Kaido's power, the latest spoilers for Chapter 1003 of the popular manga series "One Piece" claim the character -- considered the most powerful creature in the world -- will showcase his hybrid form.

Kaido, who is a formidable opponent, has shown his monstrous dragon form during his first encounter with Luffy, and lifted the entire Onigashima island with ease. Now, it appears, the creator Oda has a lot of plans up his sleeves for the character in Chapter 1003.

Luffy reaches the full extent of his Gear 4 form in the upcoming chapter of the manga, and, according to the spoilers, he could not use his haki for ten long minutes. While other Supernovas step up to fight the two notorious Emperors of the Sea, “One Piece” Chapter 1003 apparently centers on Kaido.

The commander-general of the Beasts Pirates lets out an attack called Vortex Wind to upend Kidd and Killer. He also bites Luffy, but Zoro launches his Black Dragon Tornado attack against Kaido to save his captain. The attack not only hurt the yonko, but also damages him. After that Kaido unleashes an attack that covers a massive area.

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 - Kaido Character Trailer - PS4/XB1/NSW/PC
Governor of the Animal Kingdom Pirates. One of the Four Emperors reigning over the New World. Kaido besieged Wano Country ... Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe YouTube Channel

The last panel of “One Piece” Chapter 1003 shows Kaido in his hybrid form. Unfortunately, the spoilers claim only his silhouette is shown. Even though nothing has been officially revealed about the form, this is a major plot twist in the current war. Interestingly, Twitter user newworldartur reveals several details about Kaido’s Devil Fruit.

According to him, while the full name of the Beast Pirates captain’s Devil Fruit is Uo Uo no Mi or Fish Fish Fruit, its mythical type model is Seiryuu. The term Seiryuu refers to the azure dragon, which is a god in Eastern mythology. With a name coined after a dragon god, the Worst Generation is up for one great battle ahead.

Luffy is at his limits, which means only four Supernovas are there to fight Big Mom and Kaido. The Supernovas could barely hurt Kaido in his dragon form, which could mean that his hybrid form would require more effort, skills and power on the former's part. And, there is Big Mom, who is, unfortunately having the time of her life by releasing enormous attacks against the Worst Generation.

It is also possible that Kaido’s hybrid form could trigger Luffy to unravel his Gear 5 form, if there is any. It could also inspire other Supernovas to do the same. All of these are speculations, and fans are hoping to learn more details about Kaido’s new hybrid form.