• "One Piece" Chapter 1003 is titled "The Night On The Board"
  • The new chapter will arrive on Feb. 7
  • It reportedly has a major plot twist

The decisive battle between the Supernovas and the two Emperors of the Sea at the roof of the skull dome continues in "One Piece" Chapter 1003 and according to the latest set of spoilers, the incoming instalment features a major plot twist.

"One Piece" Chapter 1003 reportedly shows Luffy firing his Gomu Gomu no Gatling at Kaido, but unfortunately, loses his ability to use his Gear 4 form after that. The Straw Hats' captain needs at least ten minutes before he could use his haki once again. These disappointing details are shared by some Korean insiders in the community.

After the time-skip, a more powerful Luffy appeared at the Sabaody Island and took down the Pacifistas using his haki. Fans first witness his Gear 4 form during his monstrous battle with Doflamingo. The form gave him an enormous boost in attack speed and power, but it weakened him and at one point disallowed him to use the form or any haki for ten minutes.

One Piece Pirate Warrior 4
One Piece Luffy instacodez/flickr

The downside of Luffy's Gear 4 form, when used for a prolonged time, is that it takes a toll on his body. Several fans are disappointed about Luffy's inability to use his haki considering that they are almost in the penultimate part of the war. In a battle as monstrous as this one, with a couple of yonkos as opponents, ten minutes feels like forever and sitting out is tantamount to committing suicide.

During his time at the Udon Prison, Luffy polished his use of Gear 4. He was able to trigger the form with Muscle Balloon and remain standing afterward. The Straw Hats' captain was not able to do these before. This gave fans hope that he could sustain this form while fighting Kaido and Big Mom, however, this was not the case, according to "One Piece" Chapter 1003 spoilers.

The upcoming installment of the manga is reportedly titled "The Night on the Board." According to the insiders, there will be no break next week, which means the next chapter will arrive as anticipated. More details about "One Piece" Chapter 1003 will be available as the release date draws closer.