• "One Piece" Chapter 1006 is titled "Hyogoro of the Flower, The Chivalrous"
  • The upcoming chapter drops March 7
  • Insiders claim there will be no break next week, which means the manga installment could arrive as scheduled

"One Piece" Chapter 1006 is just a few days away and if the newest set of spoilers is to be believed, fans would see Luffy's mentor in grave danger, Sanji troubled about who to save, and some updates on the fight between Marco and Kaido's Lead Performers' King and Queen.

The latest "One Piece" Chapter 1006 spoilers are courtesy of Redon and other Korean insiders in the community. It looks like Luffy's mentor and the most famous Yakuza boss in the Land of Wano is in danger in the upcoming manga installment. The chapter is titled "Hyogoro of the Flower, The Chivalrous" and would sway Old Man Hyo's spotlight.

From the previous chapters, fans learned that Hyo and his followers were at the area near the stage where Queen the Plague unleashed the deadly Ice Oni plague. In "One Piece" Chapter 1006, Hyogoro and X Drake continue to protect Chopper so the Straw hat doctor could finish creating the antidote for the virus. Unfortunately, Old Man Hyo is infected, according to the spoilers. He couldn't bear the effect of the virus and decides to end his life by asking one of his followers to kill him.

Important message from the "One Piece" Straw Hats
Important message from the "One Piece" Straw Hats One Piece YouTube Channel

Hyogoro of the Flower is an interesting character that earned the empathy, respect and admiration of "One Piece" fans. He was instrumental for Luffy's Ryuo and inspired the prisoners in Udon to take up arms and fight against Kaido's tyranny and oppression by going to Onigashima. Will Chopper be able to come up with the antidote before Old Man Hyo takes his life?

The spoilers also reveal that "One Piece" Chapter 1006 shows a troubled Sanji. After being rescued by Brook and Robin, he has to choose which among the Red Scabbards and Momonosuke's group to save. After some self- deliberation and hesitation, Black Leg makes up her mind, although he is still uncertain if he made the right choice.

"One Piece" Chapter 1006 will arrive as scheduled, which should be March 7. According to insiders, there will be no break next. This could mean that the next manga installment would be released March 14.