• "One Piece" Chapter 1009 is titled "Hell"
  • Spoilers reveal the events that follow post the discovery of fake Oden's identity
  • "One Piece" Chapter 1009 arrives on April 4

"One Piece" Chapter 1009 features the revenge fight between the Red Scabbards and their mortal enemy Orochi while Raizou faces Fukurukujo. 

A fresh set of "One Piece" Chapter 1009 Spoilers is now available, thanks to gyrozepp95, Redon of AP forums and some Korean insiders in the community. The upcoming manga installment continues to share the events following the Red Scabbards' encounter with the fake Oden. After realizing that it is just Kanjuro's creation and Ashura's heroic sacrifice, Oden's vassal faces Orochi. 

"One Piece" Chapter 1009 Spoilers claim that Kinemon's group defeated Orochi. The Shogun of the Land of Wano even tried to transform into his Yamato no Orochi form but to no avail. Unfortunately, the spoilers note that it is not yet confirmed if Orochi is really dead. 

ONE PIECE Wano Kuni Arc Recap | Toei Animation A 5-minute look back at the Wano Kuni arc from "One Piece" up until episode #929​! Photo: Toei Animation US Official YouTube Channel

If none of the Red Scabbards has an idea of how to successfully kill Orochi, defeating him is just a momentary bliss. If the theory that cutting off all his heads simultaneously would totally kill him, his demise might not yet happen in "One Piece" Chapter 1009. Some fans hope that Denjiro would deliver the final blow to the tyrannical Shogun since he is the one who seemed to suffer the most among all vassals. 

"One Piece" Chapter 1009 spoilers also reveal that Raizou of the Mist fights his fellow Ninja and the former captain of the Orochi Oniwabanshu, Fukurokuju. This battle is going to be intense since he is Raizou's biggest rival and known as an extremely skilled master of the Ninjutsu. 

It can be recalled that Fukorokuju witnessed Orochi's decapitation and jumped ship after Kaido revealed his plans for Wano. He also slipped away unnoticed when members of the Pirate-Mink-Ninja-Samurai Alliance attacked the Oniwabanshu. He later rejoined his master Orochi and fought against the Beasts Pirates when the Shogun started to take revenge and set the castle on fire. 

Who will win between the battle of two extremely skilled ninjas is anyone's guess. Meanwhile, "One Piece" Chapter 1009 is titled "Hell." The upcoming manga installment is scheduled to arrive on April 4.