• "One Piece" Chapter 1010 is anticipated to drop on April 11
  • The upcoming manga installment is titled Haoshoku
  • It tells the continuation of the fight between the Supernova and the yonkos

"One Piece" Chapter 1010 is another explosive installment that sees the continuation of the battle between the Supernova and the yonkos on top of the Skull Dome.

The new set of unofficial spoilers for "One Piece" Chapter 1010 is now available thanks to Redon, gyrozzep95 and Korean insiders. The manga starts with the fall of Big Mom. The Supernova scrambles after Kaidou attempts to free Prometheus so the sun homie could save Charlotte Linlin.  

The King of the Beasts attacks Zoro and sets Prometheus free. The sun homie finally saves Big Mom and asks her something. Zoro then tells Law that he is going to attack Kaido with all that he got. Roronoa notes that if his plan does not work, Law should take care of the rest.

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Zoro and Kaidou have some dialogue, after which the Straw Hats' swordsman uses his Asura attack against the yonko. Surprisingly, Zoro's attack reveals that he also has some dynasty features. Kaidou confirms this while asking the swordsman about it with utter disbelief. The King of the Beasts also notes that the attack is going to leave a scar on him.

While the latest set of spoilers for "One Piece" Chapter 1010 does not reveal a lot of details about the Zoro vs. Kaidou fight, it appears that the swordsman's attack is the reason why the yonko falls. In the part where Kaidou was talking to Luffy, the spoilers reveal that the yonko falls even before Luffy launches his attack.

Many fans believe that Zoro also has the Haoshoku or the Conqueror's Haki. If this is accurate, then Roronoa joins the ranks of other powerful and legendary pirates in the series. This includes the Pirate King himself Gol D. Roger, Kozuki Oden, Silvers Rayleigh, Whitebeard, Shanks, Luffy, Charlotte Katakuri, Kaidou, Kidd and Portgas D. Ace, to name a few.

The spoilers also note that Luffy discovers that Kaidou uses Haoshuko in his Thunder Bagua attack. It is worth noting that these spoilers do not reveal everything about the upcoming manga installment. There are some details that the insiders have not yet shared, which might surface later in the leaked chapter summary. Fans, therefore, should temper their expectations and take this information with a pinch of salt.