• "One Piece" Chapter 1009 is titled "Hell (Naraku)"
  • The upcoming chapter drops on April 4
  • New spoilers reveal the battle between the yonkos and Supernova

"One Piece" Chapter 1009 features some scenes of the explosive battle between the Emperors of the Sea and the Supernovas. Luffy finally achieves one of his goals and Zoro endures the devastating attack combo of Kaidou and Big Mom.

Insiders in the community finally shared a more detailed set of unofficial "One Piece" Chapter 1009 spoilers. The manga installment shows Big Mom suggests to her fellow that they attack together to eradicate the Supernovas in a single blow. According to the spoilers, they unleash the Conquering the Sea or Hakai attack.

According to "One Piece" insider Redon of the AP Forums, the attack is an upgraded version of Hakoku. It is probably the most powerful attack in the series. Both yonkos swing their weapons simultaneously and release a huge wave at the Supernova.

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Apparently, the attack is too fast for any of them to evade and Zoro manages to block it using his swords. The attack is too powerful that it destroys a part of Onigashima. Zoro's heroic feat slows down the attack for just a second. Law saves Zoro in the nick of time but the attack still heavily injures the Straw Hats' swordsman.

Had Law failed to transport Zoro out, he could have suffered far more lethal injuries, disabling him to fight further. Meanwhile, Luffy achieves one of his goals in "One Piece"Chapter 1009. Now that he could use his haki, he uses his Gomu Gomu no Red Hawk at Kaidou but the yonko dodges it.

This makes Luffy smile, knowing that Kaidou did it because he knows that Luffy's attack could now hurt him. Luffy has been pushing himself beyond his limits because he could barely scratch him during his previous bout with the yonko. He trained long and hard to become more powerful to connect his attacks with Kaidou.

With his newly discovered form of haki, his attacks could finally hurt the strongest creature on the planet. However, after dodging the attack, Kaidou uses his Kanabo against Luffy. The Straw Hats' captain blocks it with his haki-clad arms. Later in their fight, Kaidou uses his Kouzanze Ragunaraku or Three-world Ragnarok attack.