• "One Piece" 1016 spoilers might be available online starting June 7
  • Unofficial scans of the new chapter might surface online on June 10 
  • "One Piece" 1016 is scheduled to release on June 13

Things are getting more exciting in the hit manga created by legendary mangaka Eiichiro Oda. And it seems that the events would continue to go in favor of the Pirates-Ninja-Samurai-Minks alliance in "One Piece" Chapter 1016.

Spoilers and raw scans release date

Fans are in luck because according to Viz Media, "One Piece" 1016 will not have any break, so it will be released as scheduled. This means that the next manga installment will come out on June 13, with the spoilers and unofficial scans dropping in a few days.

Usually, the spoilers come out on Tuesday, so for this particular chapter, it might become available on June 8. Furthermore, "One Piece" 1016 might appear online on June 10.

Previous chapter round-up and predictions for the next one

In the previous chapter of the manga, fans learned that Sanji intervened in Queen the Plague and Chopper's fight at the Live Stage. Black Leg also entrusted the injured Zoro to the care of their doctor in the hope that when he gets healed he would help them defeat more enemies.

This suggests several possible scenarios that could happen in "One Piece" 1016, including the much-awaited fight between Queen the Plague and Vinsmoke Sanji.

One Piece World Seeker One Piece At TGS 2018 Photo: steamXO/flickr

Also, since Chopper is an outstanding doctor, he would definitely heal Zoro. While fans might not yet see the Straw Hats' swordsman fighting in the succeeding chapters, he might take on King the Conflagration soon.

Other details

Luffy might not yet come back in "One Piece" 1016, considering the degree of injury he took from Kaidou. Fans might get an update on the Straw Hats' captain during his recovery in the next chapter.

Moreover, the previous manga installment teased the possibility of Zeus' soul fusing with Nami's Clima-Tact. The next chapter might show the cat burglar defeating lots of opponents with her more powerful weapon.

Finally, "One Piece" 1016 might showcase the highly anticipated father and son fight. In the previous chapter, Yamato told his father that he has come to break the chains that bind him with his father and Wano Kuni. Kaidou might prevent this from happening and a battle between them may ensue.