• "One Piece" Chapter 1015 is titled "Chains"
  • Raw scans reveal Momo's announcement and its impact on the ongoing war
  • "One Piece" Chapter 1015 releases Sunday

Just when winning the war in Onigashima seems impossible, legendary mangaka Eiichiro Oda pulled off another twist in "One Piece" Chapter 1015. It somehow reminds fans of the worn-out quote from baseball legend Babe Ruth who once said, "it ain't over till it's over."

Bao Huang's announcement of Luffy's defeat affected the members of the Pirates-Ninja-Minks-Samurai alliance in a significant way. Chopper cries while fighting Queen the Plague not because he could not beat the Calamity, but because he laments over his captain's defeat. The samurais and minks are all shocked. They eventually lose the zeal to fight and start losing in their respective battles. 

But, the upcoming chapter won't be a "One Piece" manga installment without the twist. Based on the recently leaked scans, while Luffy was falling into the sea unconscious and with blackout eyes, he communicated with Momonosuke. The Straw Hats' captain asked Oden's heir to share with everyone what he told him.

One Piece One-Piece-Pirate-Warriors-4-16019-003 Photo: instacodez/flickr

To broadcast Luffy's message and debunk Bao Huang's earlier announcement, Momo uses the spy Mary the frog. Everyone in Onigahima hears Momo saying that Luffy is still alive and conveys his promise to return and defeat Kaido. Momo also asks the members of the alliance to keep on fighting. It turns out that Law's crew also heard Luffy's voice and were the ones who found the Straw Hats captain.

Momo also tells the crowd that although it is hard, they need to fight, adding that Luffy will definitely win. As Momo's words resonate all over Onigashima, "One Piece" Chapter 1015 shows the reaction of several characters. This includes Old Man Hyo and one of the Yakuza bosses, Raizou, while fighting Fukurokuju and Jinbei — all of them smiling. 

In another double page in "One Piece" 1015, the samurais and their allies regain their will to fight. Sanji fights Queen the Plague in the background as Franky smiles, while Chopper still cries, but this time with tears of joy. Brook and Nico Robin are now more confident in their fight. Surprisingly, Kid is smiling too. The upcoming chapter of the manga is another miracle only Luffy, despite being unconscious and defeated, could pull off.

"One Piece" 1015 is titled "Chains," but its Kanji means bond. The upcoming manga installment is scheduled to release Sunday.