• "One Piece" 1037 is titled "Shuron Hakke"
  • The chapter centers on the roof of the Skull Dome, where Kaido and Luffy are fighting
  • "One Piece" 1038 is set to release on Jan. 28

"One Piece" 1038 will be another explosive manga installment since legendary mangaka Eiichiro dropped several hints in the latest chapter that hyped the fandom, including the appearance of mysterious, gargantuan elephant that carries Zou on its back, Zunisha.

The latest chapter of "One Piece" is titled "Shuron Hakke" and centers on the fight between the Emperor of the Sea Kaido and the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates Luffy. The chapter's title is the variant of Kaido's Ramme Hakke, which literally translates in English as Eight Trigrams Dragon Sake.

The majority of the entire manga installment focuses on the exchange of blows from the characters on the roof of the Skull Dome, whose winner will influence the direction the world will be taking. But, while the yonko-tier battle is interesting and thrilling, fans' attention is now focused on the last few panels of the manga.

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In the latest chapter, Oda teased a couple of things that many fans had made a theory about in the past. In Mary Geoise, the Gorousei talk about catching Nico Robin since the character is crucial for anyone who wants to reach Raftel, obtain One Piece and learn about the history of the world, including the Void Century.

The latest chapter also mentions government warships nearing the closed country of Wano. Someone in the fleet informs the Gorousei about a massive shadow with the five elders, saying it is not possible since according to legend, it had not awakened in the last centuries.

The elders also talk about a Devil Fruit, which has been given another name to conceal its true name. It turns out the last panel of the latest manga installment reveals that the shadow belongs to Zunisha, who is now standing right behind the fleet of the government warships.

"One Piece" 1038 will most likely continue talking about the events following Zunisha's appearance and the steps the government warships will take. Will the Gorousei advise its attack dogs to launch an all-out attack against Zunisha?

Will fans finally learn about the mysterious Devil Fruit and its true power in the upcoming chapter? What is Zunisha doing near Wano? Does she have any connection to the closed country? Will he help Momonosuke save the Flower Capital from its imminent destruction from Onigashima?

The manga will have a break after the release of "One Piece" 1037, which means "One Piece" 1038 will release on Jan. 30. The spoilers for this chapter, along with the full summary, could surface on Jan. 27, while raw scans will probably become available on Jan. 28.