• "One Piece" 1037 preview has been leaked online
  • It teased about Luffy and the final stage of the Wano arc
  • "One Piece" 1037 releases on Jan. 9

The latest "One Piece" manga installment showcased Zoro's hard-earned victory and Usopp's rescue of Kinemon and Kiku. It looks like the next chapter will showcase the start of the Wano arc finale.

The latest information about "One Piece" 1037 came from an industry insider who goes by the name tdeelab. The user shared an image on Twitter showing the preview of the incoming chapter.

The image comes with a caption teasing about the final stage of the arc, while asking fans about its possible outcome. "At last, the final stage of Wano arc!! What will be the outcome," the caption read.

TVアニメ「ONE PIECE」1000話記念:ウィーアー!
2021年11月21日!! TVアニメ「ONE PIECE」1000話到達記念!! TVアニメ「ONE PIECE」1000話記念:ウィーアー!映像 YouTube Screenshot/One Piece Official YouTube Channel

The upcoming manga installment is still a few days away from its official release. Though the early set of spoilers and the raw scans are not yet out, some fans already have a theory on what to expect from "One Piece" 1037.

With the plot more likely turning the spotlight on the Emperors of the Sea in the closed country, fans might get updates on the battles of Big Mom vs. Law and Kidd, as well as on the Kaido vs. Luffy fight on the roof of the Skull Dome. Readers might also see Orochi and Oden's daughter Hyori in the upcoming manga installment.

Another update that readers are hoping to see is the official reveal of the mysterious person who was last seen tending to the wounds of the Akazaya Nine. There is also an ongoing discussion among Japanese fans about the meaning of the name Joyboy.

In the previous manga installment, Kaido told Luffy that he can never be Joyboy. The name JoyBoy was first mentioned in the Fishman Arc and was mentioned again when Gol D. Roger and his crew reached Raftel.

According to industry insider sandman_AP, Kaido's kanji means strong kid or Joyboy. Many fans believe Kaido is not Joyboy himself. There is a great possibility that his parent gave him that name hoping that he will become someone like Joyboy.

Readers are looking forward to learning more about Joyboy as the manga approaches the final stage of the Wano arc. But, if the reveal is going to happen in "One Piece" 1037 is still up in the air.

"One Piece" 1037 is scheduled to drop on Jan. 9.