• "One Piece" 1051 is set to release Sunday
  • The upcoming chapter will showcase the festive Wano Kuni
  • The raw scans could surface online between Thursday and Saturday

"One Piece" 1051 spoilers confirmed that the war in Onigashima has ended and with the closed country finally having a legitimate shogun at the helm, peace and prosperity may be at hand.

The Straw Hats, alongside its allies, have defeated the world's strongest emperors of the sea and as Luffy and his crew embark on a new journey, they might have a new member who will help them take down stronger enemies and obtain the "One Piece."

The early set of spoilers for "One Piece" 1051 is now available online, thanks to the insiders in the community. The upcoming chapter will show the announcement hailing Momonosuke, Oden's heir, as the new shogun of Wano Kuni. Momo will be seen giving a speech to the entire Wano.

It also looks like the closed country will enjoy peace and prosperity for a long time since after the announcement, the narrator said that Momo would be known in the entire world as the best shogun the country has ever had. In addition to Momo's ascension, readers will also see a brief flashback about Tama.

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The child that fed Luffy during his early days in Wano has a power that tames any beast, a handy power during the war in Onigashima where her Kibi Dango was used to tame the Gifters of the Beasts Pirates.

According to the spoilers, Tama's power only lasts for a month.

"One Piece" 1051 spoilers also reveal that Yamato wanted to be a part of Luffy's crew. According to the spoilers, Oden's son will tell the Straw Hats that he, Kozuki Oden, will join them on Thousand Sunny.

While some members of the Straw Hat pirates are happy about Yamato's proclamation, some members are shocked. Perhaps those who are delighted to have Yamato on board are Brook, Sanji and Frankie. Those shocked could include Nami, Robin, Zorro and Usopp.

The spoilers did not offer any details about what happened to Kaido and Big Mom's crew following their defeat. What happens to the World Government dogs is also unknown.

More details about the upcoming chapter would be revealed in a few days with the availability of raw scans. "One Piece" 1051 is set to drop Sunday while raw scans could surface online sometime between Thursday and Saturday.