• "One Piece" 1050 is titled "Honor"
  • The upcoming manga installment is set to release Sunday
  • "One Piece"1050 shows Wano Kuni's freedom

"One Piece" 1050 scans tease that Wano Kuni's landscape could transform following the quake that celebrated the fall of the governor-general of the Beasts Pirates and marks the coming of a new dawn of the closed country that suffered from Kaido and Orochi's tyranny for over a couple of decades.

"One Piece" 1050 starts by showing Kaido falling deeper into a hole while reverting to his human form. The hole was created by one of his attacks when he fought against Luffy and the Worst Generation. The panel also shows the hole where Big Mom fell, highlighting these holes were too deep that they reached the location of the magma.

Many fissures inside the earth are shown and they reach the seafloor of the waters surrounding Wano. While the alliance celebrates the fall of the tyrant, Wano Kuni starts to quake, giving the remaining members of the Beasts Pirates a false hope that their captain would spring back to life and defeat the victors, but that is not the case.

ONE PIECE 第975話予告「燃える城!光月の一族の運命!」 - YouTube
「ONE PIECE」5月23日(日)放送予告 第975話 「燃える城!光月の一族の運命!」 YouTube Screenshot/One Piece Official YouTube Channel

Kaido's body, along with Big Mom's, are now floating in the magma chamber and after the exchange of powerful attacks over the past days, the closed country is now taking its toll. The entire Wano trembles that even the people at Udon Prison feel it. The underwater volcano erupts, which causes a behemoth eruption in the sea.

Underwater volcanic eruptions usually create gigantic tsunamis that could wipe out an entire country. This could happen in Wano Kuni and while Momonosuke is not yet ready to open the borders, nature might get ahead of him and transform Wano's landscape.

Denjiro and the Red Scabbards are now in the Flower Capital as the people there celebrate the Fire Festival. The country is about to meet its new shogun upon learning that Oden's children, Hyori and Momonusuke, survived the fire at the Kuri Castle more than two decades ago.

Toki's last words are now happening. "You are the moon unaware of the dawn. May your purpose be fulfilled and cast nine shadows on the night woven of 20 years and you shall know the brilliance of the dawn," Toki had said at the ashes of Kuri.

With the great alliance – the Straw Hats, the Minks, Ninjas, Samurais, Worst Generation pirates and their crew – a new dawn is finally descending in Wano.

"One Piece" 1050 is titled "Honor" and is set to release Sunday.