• "One Piece" Chapter 973 might mark the end of the Wano Act 3
  • It might reveal the arrival of Big Mom Pirates in Wano and their meeting with Orochi and Kaido
  • "One Piece" Chapter 973 or 974 might show the return of Jinbe

“One Piece” Chapter 973 is anticipated to show the conclusion of the Wano Act 3. Many fans are also excited about the upcoming chapter because of anticipation that they would finally see all the Straw Hats reunited. And, if earlier predictions pan out, fans might be able to see Jinbe returning to the crew in the succeeding chapters of “One Piece.”

Conclusion of the Wano Act 3

Fans are expecting that “One Piece” Chapter 973 will finally show the end of the Wano Act 3. It will probably cover the part where Lady Toki would send Kinemon and other scabbards along with Momonosuke 20 years to the future. Perhaps a few stills of Oden's death would mark the end of Wano Act 3.

Wano Act 4 would start with the assembly of the allies and the return of the Manga to the present timeline. “One Piece” Chapter 973 might show the arrival of Big Mom Pirates in Wano and their meeting with Kaido and perhaps Orochi. Fans might be able to see the entrance of Denjiro and his party, which could include Marco the Phoenix of the Whitebeard Pirates.

One Piece
Fans might learn a lot of history in "One Piece" chapter 960 as it will recount Oden's journey almost four decades ago.

“One Piece” Chapter 973 is anticipated to show the scabbards sailing to Onigashima. Perhaps the upcoming chapter would allow fans to see the much-awaited reunion of the Straw Hats and the scabbards. The last time all the members of Luffy’s crew fought alongside each other was before the Dressrosa Arc.

Jinbe’s Return

One of the fan-favorite characters in “One Piece” is the former Shichibukai and the Knight of the Sea, Jinbe. Over the past weeks, the fan base has been talking about the possible return of Jinbe. It started with the special colored spread page of “One Piece” Chapter 937, where a couple of Easter eggs allegedly hints the return of warrior of the Fish-Men.

Although the former Shichibukai was not able to make his appearance in “One Piece” Chapter 972, he might be shown in the upcoming chapters of the Manga, perhaps in chapter 974. “One Piece” Chapter 973 was initially scheduled to arrive on Mar. 1, but because Eiichiro Oda fell ill, the release was delayed.

Fans can expect the next chapter to arrive on Mar. 8, 2020.