• "One Piece" Chapter 980 is scheduled to arrive on May 24, 2020
  • The next "One Piece" chapter might finally reveal the face of Yamato
  • "One Piece" Chapter 980 might show the Flying Six encountering members of the SH alliance while on their way finding Kaido's son

"One Piece" Chapter 979 dropped a few days ago, and fans witnessed the many facets of the upcoming war at Onigashima. It looks like Oda is already preparing the stage for the imminent battle that would involve key personalities in the Wano Arc of the popular series. With "One Piece" Chapter 980 going for another hiatus before finally arriving, fans have lots of predictions on what would happen in the upcoming chapter.

"One Piece" Chapter 980: Yamato Spying 

While Oda has not yet revealed the face of Kaido's son in "One Piece" Chapter 979, fans already know his name and some of his character traits. In one of the panels of the previous chapter, Jinbe and robin was shown walking in the street of Onigashima while the other members of the Straw Hat alliance are advancing in Kaido's mansion. The panel shows a face seemingly spying on the two Straw Hats crew.

Many fans believe that the face spying on Jinbe and Robin belongs to Kaido's son Yamato. It is possible that he is not interested in the feast his father is currently hosting at the mansion and chose to blend in with the crowd. Considering that he is a son of the governor-general of the Beast Pirate and Yonko, Yamato is possibly a strong and intelligent character.

He might have noticed that Jinbe and Robin are new in the place. It is highly likely that Yamato is familiar with the ways of the people in the community that he was able to single out Jinbe and Robin easily. What he would do about this is still a mystery, but there might be more about Kaido's son in "One Piece" Chapter 980.

"One Piece" Chapter 980: Tobi Roppo's Search For Yamato

The previous chapter of "One Piece" showed fans that it was King who summoned the Flying Six. It turned out that Kaido is planning to make a surprise announcement, and his son must be there when this happens. The Flying Six was complaining that the task is not that easy since Yamato is a troublesome son. 

Will the powerful Flying Six locate Yamato in the upcoming chapter of the manga? Will they encounter other members of the Straw Hats Alliance as they look for Kaido's son? "One Piece" Chapter 980 is slated to arrive on May 24, 2020.