• "One Piece" Chapter 986 arrives on August 2
  • The upcoming chapter would reportedly show Luffy preventing Yamato from attacking Kaido
  • The Red Scabbards would arrive just in time to rescue Momonosuke

“One Piece” Chapter 986 would reportedly show Luffy stopping Yamato from attacking Kaido. In the most recent chapter of the popular manga, the fandom learned about Kaido’s cruelty towards her daughter. It appears that the manga is now approaching the climax of The Land of Wano arc if the latest set of spoilers is to be believed.

“One Piece” Chapter 986: Luffy Prevents Yamato From Attacking Her Father

The fresh set of spoilers for “One Piece” Chapter 986 is now available online thanks to redon, who made the summary and Reddit user heat_fan_ for sharing. According to the spoilers, Yamato would get mad against Kaido when she learned that the handcuffs her father placed on her really explode. She thought that Kaido actually intended to kill her even if he is her daughter.

Infuriated, Yamato would no longer think of Kaido as her father. The spoiler seemingly hinted that she was preparing to launch an attack against her father. However, Luffy stops her and addresses her as Yama-O (which means man) instead of Yamato. According to the captain of the Straw Hats, they are the ones that should officially start the battle.

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It appears that Luffy recognizes that while he allied with the scabbards, the right to commence the battle against Kaido should be Oden’s followers and not him and Yamato. He must be thinking of the samurai’s pride at that time. Oda has always presented Luffy as that character with a beautiful personality and high regard for others’ feelings.

“One Piece” Chapter 986: Momo’s Rescue Commences

Aside from Luffy and Yamato, the new set of spoilers for “One Piece” Chapter 986 also reveals that the scabbards are now moving to save Momonosuke. According to the spoilers, the Red Scabbards would emerge from the wall behind Kaido with Izou shooting the sword from King’s hand. In a separate spoiler from FredDietaro, it was revealed that Kaido instructed King to execute Momo.

“One Piece” Chapter 986 is titled “ My Name” and Oda used the word sesha for My, similar to the way Samurais’ talk. The much-awaited chapter arrives on August 2.