• "One Piece" Chapter 987 is titled "Faithful Servant"
  • The ucpoming "One Piece" chapter drops on August 10
  • Kaido would reportedly scream for the first time in "One Piece" Chapter 987

"One Piece" Chapter 987 would reportedly show Kaido screaming for the first time. In the most recent chapter of the manga, fans witnessed the Akazaya Nine in action. Determined to win back their beloved country and do Oden's will, "one Piece" Chapter 986 showed how the scabbards tried their best to rescue Momonosuke, who, at that time, is just a few minutes away from his execution.

"One Piece" Chapter 987: Nostalgic Kaido

The new set of spoilers comes from Reddit user brikskohuh who cited Redon as the source of information. The upcoming chapter would start with Kaido remembering the time he was struck by the Daimyo of Kuri Kozuki Oden, according to the spoilers. He also recalled the time when Oden told him that even though he would be gone, his spirit would live on.

Being the captain of the Beast Pirates and a powerful man, Kaido believed in his own power and belittled his enemies. Oden once told him never to underestimate his followers, especially the samurai of the Kozuki clan. The part where Kaido was nostalgic ended and the next scene would show the scabbards trying to pierce Kaido's body using their swords.

Fans might finally get to know the identity of Kaido's son in the upcoming chapters of "One Piece." instacodez/flickr

"One Piece" Chapter 987: Kaido Screams For The First Time

At first, they were not successful in doing this, says the latest set of "One Piece" Chapter 987 spoilers. However, they tried putting all of their powers into their attacks, which finally allowed their swords to pierce through Kaido's body. The spoilers also mentioned that this happened in mid-air with Kiku managing to pierce the Beast Pirates' captain's hand.

Kaido was reportedly dazed when he realized that the members of the Akazaya Nine are able to use the same Ryou as their master Oden. During this time, the wound that Oden made begins hurting, which would make the Beast Pirates' governor-general scream for the first time. Blood would come out of his mouth and he would get wounded in multiple parts of his body. Interestingly, while the latest set of spoilers revealed these details, it also assured fans that Kaido is fine and it'snothing serious.

"One Piece" Chapter 987 arrives on August 10. The upcoming chapter is titled "Faithful Servant" (it's a pun with Kinemon's name).