• "One Piece" Chapter 988 is set to arrive on August 24
  • "One Piece" Chapter 988 might reveal Kaido's weakness
  • Will the scabbards be able to defeat the captain of the Beast Pirates in "One Piece" Chapter 988

“One Piece” Chapter 988 would reportedly reveal Kaido’s weakness. The latest issue of the manga already foreshadowed the battle between the Beast Pirates’ captain and Oden’s followers. It also led fans on the possible weakness of the strongest creature on the planet.

“One Piece” Chapter 988: Kaido’s Weakness

In “One Piece” community, most fans perceived the Yonkos as very strong and extremely powerful. Some fans even considered them as gods when it comes to power scaling. The fandom witnessed it during the Paramount War, but it was just a tease of what the community is about to witness in the war that Kaido dreamed.

“One Piece” Chapter 987 revealed that despite Kaido’s power, Oden’s followers were able to pierce through his skin. During their first encounter, Luffy was not able to create massive damage to the Beast Pirates’ captain even if he is on his ultimate form. Surprisingly, the scabbards were able to cut him with Kiku even piercing his hands.

Fans might finally get to know the identity of Kaido's son in the upcoming chapters of "One Piece." instacodez/flickr

“One Piece” Chapter 987 hinted that while the scabbards were attacking Kaido, he was nostalgic. The governor-general of the Beast Pirates was thinking about the events that happened a couple of decades ago. Interestingly, like Charlotte Linlin, it seems that Kaido’s weakness is psychological.

One of the panels of the most recent chapters of “One Piece” revealed that although the scabbards wounded Kaido, he was surprised that they were able to use Ryou that Oden once used on him. It also mentioned that the thought of Oden opened up his wound that the Daimyo of Kuri caused him 20 years ago. The chapter was not clear about the reason why Kaido screamed for the first time, but it is possible that aside from the scabbards’ attacks, it’s the thought od Kozuki Oden almost defeating him that made him scream.

“One Piece” Chapter 988: Other Details

It is worth mentioning that Oden was the first person to hurt Kaido physically. It is hard to imagine that the strongest creature on earth would be wounded by a person who is not even a Devil Fruit user. Imagine the psychological effect of what Oden’s actions have on the Beast Pirates’ captain. Oden almost beat Kaido in that battle and the mere memory of Oden may have shaken him.

The later part of the chapter described Kaido as nostalgic. Although he has already transformed into his ultimate form, the manga was clear in describing him as nostalgic. “One Piece” Chapter 987 revealed Kaido recalled Oden’s words, and even verbally said that the events are reminiscent of what happened two decades ago.

“One Piece” Chapter 988 might continue with the battle between Kaido and the scabbards. Oda might reveal to the fandom Kaido’s weakness in the upcoming chapter.