• "One Piece" Chapter 992 could show one of the Straw Hats getting his first big fight in Wano Country
  • The next manga installment will have a break and will not arrive as scheduled
  • "One Piece" Chapter 992 might arrive on October 18

A formidable non-Devil Fruit user Straw Hat member might be in for his first big fight in the Land of Wano in “One Piece” Chapter 992.

The previous installment of the popular manga seemingly pitted Straw Hats’ Iron-Man against a worthy opponent. The Straw Hats are reunited in “One Piece” Chapter 991 and some of its members have found their opponents. Franky found himself as the target of Numbers.

These ancient giants and Kaido’s allies were shown to drunkenly tore their way in the middle of the war. Hacha, an ogre much bigger than other Numbers, started to go on a rampage. Interestingly, when he saw Franky in his full robot form, the giant was immediately distracted and grew curious about him. Jimbei noticed Hacha’s actuation and instructed Franky to run.

Sanji, One Piece
One Piece Pirate Warrior 4 instacodez/flickr

The Fishman is probably worried that Hacha’s massive size could put the samurais and other allies in danger if he goes berserk inside the dome. Franky started running at full speed with Hacha tailing behind him. These events seemingly hint that the Straw Hats’ Iron-Man is up for his first big fight in the Land Of Wano.

In the previous chapters of “One Piece” manga, Franky already made several enemies. He ran down Big Mom with his motorcycle and challenged the Yonko. Fans were excited that Franky would finally get the break by fighting an emperor of the sea. However, the fight did not happen and Big Mom is a no show in “One Piece Chapter 991.

Franky is a formidable Straw Hats member. Over the years, he has transformed himself into a bionic man equipped with sophisticated weapons that run on cola. Fans are looking forward to seeing him in action, probably fighting against Hacha in “One Piece” Chapter 992. There is a fan theory that Franky is going to win in the fight being the eight Straw Hats member against Hacha, which means eight.

The release of “One Piece” Chapter 992 will be delayed according to Weekly Shonen Jump. The delay is because of Eiichiro Oda’s sudden health issue. “One Piece” Chapter 992 will be released on October 18.