• "One Piece" Chapter 1000 raw scans have recently surfaced online
  • The raw scans show a terrified-looking Big Mom
  • This chapter will reportedly drop on Jan. 3, 2021

"One Piece" Chapter 1000 will show Big Mom scared for the first time in the history of the manga, according to the latest set of spoilers.

The new chapter won't be released until the first week of 2021, but the fresh set of spoilers from the manga's subreddit is already out. Thanks to Korean insiders, Redon and gyrozepp95, fans now have the idea of what the upcoming chapter would be about. It appears that the fandom would finally see the highly anticipated confrontation between Luffy and the two Emperors of the Sea.

Interestingly, in the last panels of "One Piece" Chapter 1000 raw scans, Oda has given Luffy another set of Yonko-level moments.

Upon reaching the roof of the Skull Dome and seeing the Yonkos, Luffy simply says, "Oh." While Kaido and Big Mom are talking to him, Luffy just walks past them, never minding what they are saying.

One Piece Pirate Warrior 4
Luffy vs Big Mom instacodez/flickr

The Emperors of the Sea try to make fun of him, make sarcastic and insulting remarks about him and call him insolent. Kaido even asks him to repeat his words during their first battle. When the Beasts Pirates' captain tries to hit Luffy using his giant metal kanabo, he simply dodges it.

However, Luffy surprises everyone, including the Yonkos, when he lands a fatal hit using the Gomo Gomo no Red Roc on Kaido while he is in Gear 3. Big Mom even asks Kaido how a single strike could knock him down. Luffy then says, "My name is Monkey D. Luffy. I will surpass both of you. I am the man who will become the Pirate King."

The raw scans show Big Mom's reaction after hearing these words. It is the first time that the emperor is shown with a terrified face. Nowhere in any installments of the manga have fans seen Charlotte Linlin looking the way she does in "One Piece" Chapter 1000.

"One Piece" Chapter 1000 is set to officially release on Jan. 3, 2021. The upcoming chapter is titled "Straw Hat Luffy."