The upcoming chapter of the popular manga series “One Piece” will further tell the backstory of Oden. Ahead of its official release, spoilers and speculations about “One Piece” Chapter 962 are rife online. The upcoming chapter is titled “Daimyo and the Vassals” and will unveil Oden’s motivations for freeing Kuri.

As “One Piece” moves to the next chapter, fans will enjoy tracing back Oden's journey and how he was able to gather his followers. The highlight of “One Piece” Chapter 962 is the rise of Oden as the daimyo of Kuri. One possible motivation behind Oden’s goal is to be the strongest person in Wano.

In “One Piece” chapter 842, it can be recalled that Oden verbally expressed his desire to leave the country of Wano. However, Yasuie told him that before he follows his wishes, he has to be a proper warrior first. It is possible that Oden must have taken Yasuie’s words as a challenge to prove himself and taking over Kuri in “One Piece” Chapter 962 will prove it.

In “One Piece” chapter 962, Oden went to Kuri and beat up the criminals in the location. Kuri is the nest of the lawless that even shogun Kozuki Sukiyaki thinks the place is too much to handle. It is possible that Oden might have thought that by taking over Kuri, Yasuie will acknowledge his strength. It is worth noting that in “One Piece,” nearly all strong characters want to be at the top of the list, and Oden is definitely one of them.

To validate his strength and his position as a warrior, Oden has to be the strongest in Wano, and the best place to start that is to take over Kuri. Yasuie compared Kuri to cancer and noted that it is a lost cause. Oden must have thought that by defeating the strongest in Kuri would make him the strongest in all of the country of Wano.

Another motivation behind Oden’s decision to take over Kuri in “One Piece” Chapter 962 could be that he wanted it to be a free region once again. Somehow, Oden is like Gol D. Roger and Luffy, who value freedom more than anything else. Oden must have hated Kuri for robbing its people of their freedom.