• 'One Piece' Chapter 971 is delayed and would arrive on Feb. 16
  • The upcoming 'One Piece' chapter might reveal Oden's reasons for staying behind
  • It might also show Oden's final conversation with his retainers, as well as, his last mission for them

“One Piece” Chapter 970 showed fans the bravery of Oden and his retainers when they decided to rise against tyranny and oppression brought by Orochi and Kaido to the people of Wano country. The previous chapter, however, left fans several provoking questions that could be answered in the next chapter. This includes Oden’s reason for staying behind when he has the chance to escape and his last mission for the Nine Scabbards.

'One Piece' 971: Oden’s Reason For Staying Behind

It is likely that “One Piece” Chapter 971 would reveal the reasons why the Daimyo of the Wano country chose to stay behind when he could simply escape his execution. There are several ways that Oden could use to trick his imminent death. One of these is through the help of Kenemon’s protege Shinobu. Although Shinobu did not know that she has the Juku Juku no Mi Devil Fruit ability at that time, it is a convenient ability she could use in rescuing Oden.

Juku Juku no Mi allows its owner to mature or rot the things that it touches. When Luffy tried to rescue Ace at Impel Down, his former enemy and King Shichibukai Crocodile, helped him to get out of the high-level security prison quickly. Shinobu could do the same and touch the ground or the prison bars, create a hole, and allow Oden to escape.

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'One Piece' 971: Traveling To Future

We already know based on previous chapters that Lady Toki Kozuki has a critical role to play in “One Piece” Chapter 971. She will send the Nine Scabbards to the future along with Momonosuke Kozuki. But, the upcoming chapter might reveal what happened to Momo’s sibling Hyori. It might explain why it was only Momo who was sent to the future.

'One Piece' Chapter 971: Akazaya Nine’s Last Mission

In the Zuo Arc, fans learned that instead of going with his vassals, Oden chose to protect his retainers by staying behind. Lamenting Kinemon, Raizo, and Kanjuro explained that the Daimyo of Wano country gave them their last mission, which is to “Open Wano country.” “One Piece” Chapter 971 might show fans the details of the final conversation between Oden and the Akazaya Nine.

“One Piece” Chapter 971 will not release this week and will arrive on Feb. 16, 2020