• "One Piece" Chapter 979 will be released on May 10 and digital copies will be available starting May 11
  • Aside from the manga, "One Piece" anime would be delayed and the release date of the next episode is still unknown
  • Several fans predict that "One Piece" Chapter 979 would show the connection between the Flying Six and Kaido's son

“ One Piece” Chapter 978 was released yesterday, but it looks like it was not able to deliver what many fans were expecting. The entire chapter talked about the Flying Six, the Straw Hats alliance, and only mentioned in passing Kaido’s son in a few panels. Aside from the unknown identity of Kaido’s son and the delayed release of “One Piece” Chapter 979, the anime instalment of the popular manga series is also facing another issue and fans would not like it.

One Piece” Chapter 979: Connection Between Kaido’s Son and The Tobi Roppo

“One Piece” Chapter 978 is Oda’s way of laying the foundation as he cloaks in mystery the identity of Kaido’s son. The most recent chapter introduced the members of the Flying Six and underlined how the team’s presence is crucial in the Fire Festival at Onigashima. Further, it was revealed in the chapter that Tobi Roppo is usually required if something comes up between the governor-general of the Beast Pirates and his son.

While there are theories surrounding the identity of Kaido’s son, the most obvious assumption that fans could infer from this revelation is that Kaido’s son is extremely powerful that Kaido would need the Flying Six when talking to him. It is also possible that there is a connection between Kaido’s son and the Tobi Roppo and the team is the only group that could effectively communicate with the Beast Pirates captain’s son. While these are all speculations, it is apparent that conversation between the father and son happened before and every time it took place; the Flying Six was there.

Fans might finally get to know the identity of Kaido's son in the upcoming chapters of "One Piece." instacodez/flickr

In “One Piece” Chapter 978, Ulti suggested that there could be a family issue as Sasaki noted that something is up every time Kaido would tell them something is urgent. At this point, it is hard to predict what this “urgent” is about, but it sure is somehow related to Kaido’s family.

One Piece” Anime Release Date

The release date of “One Piece” Chapter 979 would be delayed according to recent reports. The physical copies of the upcoming chapter of “One Piece” would not be available until May 10 and digital copies would be released on various platforms beginning May 11, 2020. Apart from the Manga, the anime version of the series will be delayed indefinitely. So far, Toei Animation has not yet revealed the release date of the anime.