• "One Piece" Chapter 985 would reportedly reveal details about Kaido's "Onigashima Project"
  • The upcoming chapter would show Kaido's betrayal to execute his plans
  • "One Piece" Chapter 985 arrives on July 19

A new set of spoilers reveals that "One Piece" Chapter 985 would bear more details about Kaido's Onigashima Project. The manga is now approaching the climax of the Wano Kuni arc. Oda is slowly dropping crucial details of the plans the leader of the Beast Pirates have for the closed country.

"One Piece" Chapter 985: The Onigashima Initiative

The new set of spoilers was recently shared by Reddit user Kirosh citing TalkOp as the source of the latest information. The spoilers reveal that Kaido wants to make Wano the stage for the greatest war. His alliance with the Big Mom Pirates is also crucial because he will use it to gather the ancient weapons and the "One Piece" in preparation for his war.

Kaido also wants to transfer Onigashima to the Flower Capital. Part of the plans of the governor-general of the Beast Pirates is to make his daughter the Shogun of the Wano Country, according to the spoilers. Interestingly, it looks like Orochi, the current Shogun of Wano is not part of Kaido's plan.

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Fans might learn a lot of history in "One Piece" chapter 960 as it will recount Oden's journey almost four decades ago.

"One Piece" Chapter 985: Kaido Kills Orochi?

According to the spoilers, fans will learn that Kaido will kill Orochi in "One Piece" Chapter 985. However, some fans think that there might be some confusion in translating the spoilers. It is possible that Kaido would only attack and imprison Orochi.

One of the reasons why fans are not convinced that Kaido would kill Orochi in "One Piece" Chapter 985 is because the scabbards' sacrifice would go to waste. It can be recalled that Oden's followers are now marching towards the enemy's lair because they want to exact revenge on Orochi.

"One Piece" Chapter 985: Preparing For The Greatest War

If the spoilers are to go by, it appears that Oda is making the upcoming chapter the groundwork for the great war Kaido is preparing. If Kaido's plans materialize, the current arc is going to be massive. Kaido and Big Mom's alliance would tilt the balance that Shanks is trying to maintain, which means the red-haired Yonko might go to Wano too.

With the Wano Country opened (part of Kaido's plan) and with pirates fighting in the country, there is a great chance that the Marines would be there. The powerful admirals might join in the fray. A lot of things could happen should Oda make Kaido's dream come true.

"One Piece" Chapter 985 arrives on July 19, 2020.