Finally, it is official that OnePlus TV will launch in India in September.

The long wait is over as Pete Lau, OnePlus Chief Executive Officer finally announced that their first-ever TV will soon see the Indian market. In a blog post, Lau declared September as the official launch date for OnePlus TV in India.

Why India

In the blog post, the OnePlus CEO explained that India has been a hub of the company’s great success over the past 6 years as it welcomed the company with its passionate and supportive community. Lau further explained that the positive relationship they have with the content providers in India is the reason why they chose the said country as their launchpad for OnePlus TV.

Lau added that OnePlus TV is something that they started from scratch and that the two relentless years of trying to make this dream and vision a reality is very meaningful to them. Such value they have for the project urged them to be sure of every step that they take that is why they want to focus on one market at a time, in this case, India.

Next OnePlus TV Destination

OnePlus TV will also launch in other parts of the globe such as North America, Europe and China regions. However, the company still needs to assure that they developed a well-established partnership with regional content providers with the mentioned countries before OnePlus TV hits their markets.

What To Expect With OnePlus TV

Although Pete Lau did not talk further on the technical and specifications of the upcoming OnePlus TV to be launched in India, he expressed his confidence that their team focused well on their flagship product’s image and sound quality. He also hinted that the OnePlus TV will boast at smart interconnectivity as well as remarkable design.

He noted that their first TV product to launch in India underwent a design that focused beyond a high-quality display. He bragged that the OnePlus TV will be worth viewing even when turned off as it will take a prominent household spot.

Meanwhile, OnePlus TV is anticipated to be released at 43-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch and 75-inch sizes. The India launch will feature the smallest 43-inch display while the 75-inch size will be exclusive for China.