• National Opposite Day is observed on Jan. 25 every year
  • There are several ways people of all ages can celebrate Opposite Day and join the fun
  • These include wearing clothes inside out, eating dessert first and saying goodbye when greeting people

It's Opposite Day! The young and young at heart are always excited about the silly day, which falls on Jan. 25 every year, as it gives them the opportunity to do things that are out of the ordinary—like parents letting their kids have spaghetti for breakfast and pancakes for dinner.

Regardless of one's age, it's always awesome to experience the fun that comes with taking a break from the usual routine and just trying something new.

To celebrate Opposite Day 2021 this Monday, here are 12 ways you can join in on the fun:

1. Call in sick for work, then show up anyway

Bosses and colleagues might take a minute to process why their employee or co-worker called in sick in the first place, but they're bound to get the joke.

2. Wear your clothes inside out

For those who don't mind being constantly told their clothes are inside out, then go ahead and do it! This offers a pretty good opportunity to tell people it's Opposite Day so they'd be in the know as well.

3. Wear your shoes on the opposite feet

Sure, it might be uncomfortable and may lead to people staring at you all day, but that's just called commitment to the craft.

4. Speak in opposites

The easiest way to observe Opposite Day is by saying the opposite of what one means to say. This could involve saying "yes" when one means "no" and saying that something is bad when it is, in fact, good.

5. Sing a song backward

This will not only sound funny, but it'll also offer a good mental exercise in trying to sing the lyrics of a song backward.

6. Call people by their last name first

Add a little bit of spice to casual conversations by calling people by their last names first. The reactions one will garner will truly be priceless.

7. Do everything with the non-dominant hand

Try writing and drawing with one's non-dominant hand and see the results. Though the outcome may be funny, one can use this exercise as a way of strengthening one's non-dominant hand and increasing coordination.

8. Walk backward

As long as one is in a safe place, then this activity is a good way to show one's solidarity with Opposite Day.

9. Eat dessert first

Before eating the main course, try eating dessert first!

10. Write your name backward

One might even come up with a funny pseudonym for one's own name.

11. Say goodbye when greeting people

This funny trick works in most cases—except perhaps when talking to Hawaiians as "Aloha" is said when greeting someone and also saying goodbye.

12. Switch up your personality

Behave totally out of character by acting opposite of how one usually is. It sure worked on Squidward when SpongeBob did this.

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