Oracle has extended its Oracle Identity Manager capabilities which includes a new Segregation of Duties (SoD) integration architecture that provides complete, hot-pluggable support for all leading SoD engines.

The new enhancements of Oracle Identity Manager allow more coarse SoD in enterprise applications. “SoD policy enforcement is a critical component of user provisioning, but without support for heterogeneous IT environments it can become a cumbersome, costly and error-prone process,” said Amit Jasuja, vice president, Oracle Identity Management.

Enterprises can automate user provisioning and centrally manage, monitor and report on SoD-compliant user access in real-time according to its level.

“By automating and integrating SoD policy enforcement with disparate IT systems and applications, Oracle is furthering its commitment to help customers reduce security risks, comply with industry regulations and lower cost of ownership,” Jasuja added.

The applications enhancement also include real-time monitoring and enforcement of SoD policies, maintain a complete audit trail, including SoD .

“With the enhancements to Oracle Identity Manager, we believe we have greatly simplified the process,” Jasuja said.

Oracle Identity Manager is an administration solution that automates the process of adding, updating, and deleting user accounts from applications and directories.