Orange Is The New Black
"Orange Is the New Black" was renewed for Season 3. Orange Is The New Black

“Orange Is The New Black” is nearly five months away from its season 2 Netflix premiere on June 6. And we all know what that means, right? Fans of the original series have a few weeks to concoct their own theories of what they think will happen when Piper, Crazy Eyes and the rest of the jumpsuit-donning gang from the women’s prison returns to the small screen.

But luckily for us, Matt McGorry, who plays the role of prison guard John Bennett, is leaking a few spoilers so we don’t have to make ourselves go insane with predictions. The hunky actor dished that fans should expect more drama to go down between Bennet and Dayanara, the inmate who is pregnant with his baby.

“You can’t exactly have candlelight dinners,” McGorry said told E! News. “You’ll get to see Bennett sweat a lot.”

We would be, too! After getting pregnant, Daya tries to frame the grimy George “Pornstache” Mendez for rape so that McGorry won’t be suspected as the father. However, Mendez is unaware of her intentions and actually falls in love with Daya at the end of season 1, despite getting caught with his pants around his ankles.

"I don't understand that storyline if he's faking it. I don't' really get it. I don't know why he's doing that," Mendez' Pablo Schreiber explained to Latino Post. "I think in order to buy into that you have to believe he was swept off his feet and really the only thing that he was waiting for was for someone to pay attention to him. And the moment that someone does, he's all in. And that's probably the most tragic thing about him. That as nasty as he was being the entire time and all the awful things he did, if someone would have just paid attention to him and been nice to him, it could have all been avoided."

But it’s hard to be warm and respectful to one of the most corrupt correction officers in the building. Mendez is known for frequent abuse among the inmates that consist of coercing sexual favors, harassment, and even selling drugs.

But unlike the mustache sporting officer, Bennett has shown the inmates a much softer side, which is one of the reasons Daya had fallen in love with him. That and his abs! During season 1 fans got a glimpse of McGorry’s rock hard stomach when he flashed some skin on set. “I found out I had to do this shirtless scene and I was like, ‘Oh, God,” the actor dished to E! News. “I had like a week and a half [to] buckle down.”

And although we were impressed with Mr. Bennett’s physique, the perfectionist confessed he was a bit dissatisfied. "I was kind of disappointed," McGorry said. "I was like, 'Oh, man, I missed the mark—damn it!'"

The reason McGorry was so hard on himself is because before he started working on the set of “OITNB,” he was lifting some serious weight in the gym as a competitive bodybuilder. "When you're used to being at a point where you're deadlifting close to 600 pounds, getting to be 5.5 percent body fat and seeing veins in places you shouldn't see them, it kind of skews your understanding of what is normal and OK," he said.

So, will fans get to see more of McGorry’s flexed biceps when season 2 premieres? "I don't know if I could give any of that away," McGorry said. "I don't know if I can tell you any of that."

Fair enough. Just post some more videos like the one below on your Twitter, John, and we’ll call it even!