Vee is unlikely to return to "Orange Is the New Black" for Season 3. Jessica Miglio/Netflix

“Orange Is the New Black” fans shouldn’t expect Vee to return to Litchfield penitentiary. While Netflix hasn't confirmed the cast for Season 3 of "OITNB," actress Lorraine Toussaint has joined the cast of ABC's "Forever" as a series regular, according to TVLine.

Vee was a major adversary for the girls of “OITNB.” She was smuggling tobacco into the prison and quickly gained power over other inmates, even Red and Mendoza. Fans who finished Season 2 will clearly remember Vee's escape from the prison through a tunnel when she was struck by Rosa, who was also escaping by stealing the prison’s van.

“Always so rude, that one,” Rosa said after running Vee over.

Did Vee survive? “We’re not sure if Vee is dead,” Toussaint told BuzzFeed. “She could be dead, she could not be dead. That’s an open-ended question still. Isn’t that a scary proposition? She might need to be dead. I don’t know.”

This isn’t the first cliffhanger where fans had to wonder if someone was dead. Season 1 ended with Piper and Pensatucky in a brawl, and it looked like Piper had killed her. Piper even believed she had murdered Pensatucky, but she turned out to be just fine. Vee probably won't survive the accident, and if she does, authorities will probably have to move her to a maximum security prison. It would make sense that the writers would put an actual death in the new season after everyone survived last year. They wouldn’t want fans to get too comfortable.

Toussaint is trading in her orange jumpsuit for a badge in the new ABC drama. She will play Lt. Joanna Reece. “Forever” follows a 200-year-old New York City medical examiner (played by Welsh actor Ioan Gruffudd) who's immortal. The new drama from Shonda Rhimes will premiere in the fall and air on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. EDT.

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