“Orange Is the New Black” Season 3 Recap
There are several reasons to jump for joy but one of them happens to be that Netflix’s “Orange Is the New Black,” starring Uzo Aduba as Suzanne, is returning Friday, June 17, with Season 4. Netflix

Audiences will reunite with Piper, Taystee and all their favorite Litchfield inmates when “Orange Is the New Black” streams its fourth season to Netflix on Friday. But before the prison drama hits the small screen — and all other Netflix-enabled devices — let’s rehash all the chaos that went down in the Season 3 finale of the Jenji Kohan-created series.

The final episode of the third season, titled “Trust No B----,” began by answering the major cliff-hanger left dangling in the previous episode: Soso’s (Kimiko Glenn) fate. In episode 12, Poussey (Samira Wiley), Taystee (Danielle Brooks) and Suzanne (Uzo Aduba) found the inmate unconscious from an overdose. However, thanks to Poussey shoving her fingers down Soso’s throat, the inmate regurgitated all the pills she’d swallowed and recovered.

In a dismal state, Soso later visited Healy (Michael Harney), who had prescribed the pills for her “mental condition,” to find out that her counselor of choice, Berdie (Marsha Stephanie Blake), had been fired. Soso told Healy just how bad he is at his job — a remark that hit him hard. Not only does Healy have a tough time relating with women at work, but he also struggles connecting to his mail-order wife, Katya (Sanja Danilovic). Katya was desperate for her freedom from Healy, which he later granted her by financing an apartment for her and her mother.

“I’m surrounded by woman in captivity all day long, I don’t need to come home to another one who feels like she’s trapped in a cage,” he told her. Perhaps Healy released Katya from the relationship because he had his sights set on someone else — someone whose hair was as fiery as her spirit. But Red (Kate Mulgrew) broke the news to Healy that their “ships passed too late in the night for one of them to change course now,” revealing why she could never be with him.

The emotional speech came after the two watched Morello (Yael Stone) marry Vince (John Magaro). It appeared that not even a passion-filled ceremony could prove to Red that love is real. Speaking of shams, Piper (Taylor Schilling) learned the truth about who stole her panty business profit after finding Flaca’s (Jackie Cruz) hands were clean. It was revealed that Piper’s tattooing buddy Stella (Ruby Rose) had looted the cash. Stella explained to Piper that she needed the money to survive after getting released from prison. Piper sought revenge by framing Stella for possessing contraband — an offense that sent Stella to maximum security on the same day she was supposed to be released from Litchfield. Cold, Piper. Real cold!

Betrayal played a large theme in the Season 3 finale. The Litchfield staff felt duped by Caputo (Nick Sandow) when he accepted a promotion — a decision encouraged by Fig (Alysia Reiner). Caputo’s new gig caused his staff to walk out on him, leaving Litchfield in the hands of new and incompetent correction officers. The unqualified newbies were unable to stop a stampede of inmates from escaping when a construction error left a hole in the prison fence. The inmates bolted to freedom past the COs, only to be greeted by a lake. One by one the women jumped in — splashing away their anger, frustrations and sorrows.

The water signified rebirth for the prisoners as Cindy (Adrienne C. Moore) was baptized into the Jewish faith and as others concluded their feuds by dipping their toes into the water with one another. But while some of the inmates enjoyed their 15 minutes of freedom in the water, Alex (Laura Prepron) spent the final moments of the Season 3 finale fearing for her life. Throughout the season, Alex was paranoid that Kubra (Eyas Younis) was sending a hit man to kill her after she ratted on him. And as it turned out, her paranoia proved valid when Aydin (Juri Henley-Cohn) — Kubra’s employee — confronted the inmate in the prison’s greenhouse.

The episode then ended how it started — with the potential death of a prisoner.

What do you think will happen in Season 4 of “Orange Is the New Black”? Sound off in the comments section below. The new season will stream to Netflix on Friday, June 17, at 3 a.m. EDT.