Police on are on the scene at Clackamas Town Center, a shopping mall near Portland, Oregon. There have been four individuals who have been wounded, according to police reports. The shooting suspect has been “neutralized.”

You can view a live stream of the Clackamas Town Center in Oregon on KGW NewsChannel 8.

KGW is on location in Oregon, and the news coverage shows a chaotic scene with numerous ambulances and police cars. In the KGW coverage, it is unknown what the motive was for the shooting. Police were unable to discuss what clothes the shooter was wearing or any further details about the shooter, other than the shooter was “neutralized.”

According to Reuters, the shooting suspect, a male, may have been carrying a semiautomatic rifle and could have been wearing armor.

At the time of the first reports and 911 calls, there was confusion about the number of possible shooters, although police could not confirm if it was a single male, whom police have “neutralized,” or if another shooter was still inside Clackamas Town Center.

Mallgoers barricaded themselves into break rooms and hid in other locations. The gunman reportedly fired 60 shots, injuring four individuals and killing two, according to reports from the scene. According to KGW, there are more than 100 people currently taking refuge in a Nordstrom's store. Police are currently making their way throughout the mall in order to rescue possible victims and to make sure a second shooter is not at large.

KGW is reporting that there are hundreds of cars in the parking lot and police have closed the mall and the nearby area. While police do not believe there was a second shooter, they are making sweeps around the mall. Police are also planning to conduct interviews and gather eyewitness reports.

While earlier reports indicated the shooter was "neutralized," more recent reports indicate the shooter is dead. According to The Associated Press, the killer shot himself after a shooting spree that left two dead and wounding one more individual. A shopper who was trapped in the mall reported seeing a man in the mall, lying on the floor with a gun near his body. Clackamas Town Center is one of Portland's busiest malls, notes AP.