(An earlier version of this story wrongly said the shooting occurred in the Orlando Square Mall. The error has been corrected.)

A 19-year-old man was shot and killed in a shooting at Orland Square Mall, Monday night. Police believe the incident was premeditated.

Police responded to reports of a shooting at an Orland Park mall in Illinois where gun shots were heard around 6:40pm. Several witnesses say the shots came from the center food court where gun shells were also found.

The shooter is still at large and police believe the suspect fled the scene, travelling east. 


  • 10:06pm ET: Police are now looking for the suspect -- a black male, 6-foor-1. The police consider this an "isolated incident" as the shooter and victim knew each other.
  • 9:56pm ET: Orland Park Police Deputy Chief Joseph Mitchell confirmed that the 19-year-old victim who was shot at the scene has died.
  • 9:28pm ET: Orland police chief Tim McCarthy (h/t Stephen Miller) says there are reports a second victim has been shot and the shooting was probably targetted.
  • 9:24pm ET: Police are searching the mall store by store and closing off the entire area.
  • 9:11pm ET: According to Bradley, police are already clearing the mall. A source revealed that the shooter has fled the scene.
  • 9:02pm ET: Orland PD says the shooting started at the food court. 
  • 8:49pm ET: The SWAT has reportedly been deployed to the scene.

According to WGN anchor Tahman Bradley, who was at the mall when the incident happened, the police believe the shooter was hiding at Express, a shop on the second floor. After intensive search, the police confirmed that the shooter has escaped.

Photos of the shooting have already spread on social media, although the identity of the suspect or the victim have not been confirmed.

An update from WBBM Newsradio also indicated that a 19-year-old has been shot and critically wounded outisde the H&M store at the mall. Police later confirmed the victim's death.

[This is a Breaking News story.]