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BBC America's "Orphan Black" will get its own comic book series in early 2015 from IDW. IDW/Nick Runge

Just in time for San Deigo Comic-Con, comic book publisher IDW announced on July 23 that they would be releasing an “Orphan Black” comic book series in early 2015.

“‘Orphan Black,’ in addition to being a captivating TV series, is a perfect premise for comics,” Chris Ryall, IDW’s Chief Creative Officer/Editor-in-Chief, said in a press release. “And as the second season has expanded the series in exciting new directions, that has only increased the amount of stories we’ll be able to tell in comic-book form.”

The series will tell all-new stories involving characters from the show. John Young, Managing Director of “Orphan Black” production company Temple Street Productions, is optimistic about the show taking on a new medium.

"We’re so thrilled for 'Orphan Black' to take shape as a comic series and join the ranks of IDW’s impressive roster," Young said in a statment. "'Orphan Black' was met with an enormous amount of enthusiasm at last year’s Comic-Con which really inspired us to give back to fans of the show through a medium so vital to the science fiction world."

The comic books will likely be released around the same time that “Orphan Black” returns for Season 3 in 2015, but there is no word on if or how the storylines will interweave between the two mediums.

So what stories would fans want to see in comic form? We’ve already started our wishlist:

1. Expand Minor Characters

What does Felix do when he’s not running around trying to save the clones? In Season 1, viewers saw that Sarah was interrupting his life. He had friends, parties and his art. In Season 2, Felix was kind of reduced to a sidekick, helping Sarah and Allison every time they called. The comics could really make Felix a well-rounded character, and they could do the same with characters like Mrs. S, Paul and Delphine.

2. Sarah’s Backstory

Viewers keep discovering aspects of Sarah’s shady past. In Season 2, Kira’s father Cal was introduced. Sarah stole thousands from him and never told him about Kira. Even Sarah hasn’t always been in her daughter’s life. Mrs. S kept Kira away from her at the beginning of the series. The Season 2 finale also revealed that Sarah had an abortion. Sarah had a lot of drama in her life before she even knew that she was a clone, and fans would love to see that part of her life.

3. Beth Childs

Beth Childs was the clone that Sarah first saw. The cop immediately threw herself in front of an oncoming train to kill herself, keeping Beth’s life a mystery. We know that she was close with Allison and she was trying to learn more about the clones. She killed Prolethean Maggie Chen, but all the details surrounding that still aren’t clear.

4. New Clones

By now, viewers know that there is no limit on how many clones exist all over the world. But what does life look like for clones who aren’t located near Sarah and Allison? Several clones have died in Europe, so there are likely several still living there as well. There might be a bunch of clones in another part of the world trying to figure out their origins.

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What do you hope to see in the comics? Sound off in the comments below!