“Orphan Black” wrapped up Season 2 last Saturday, and the clones had their own dance party to celebrate making it to the end alive. BBC America tweeted photos of Tatiana Maslany, who currently plays seven living clones, with all of her body doubles from the scene. Typically the show just uses Kathryn Alexandre as Maslany's double (Alexandre's face was shown for the first time as Alexis in episode 9 of Season 2), but this many clones in one room required two more doubles, Heidi Malley and Bailey Corneal.

With so many clones in a state of limbo at the end of the "Orphan Black" Season 2 finale, we're breaking down where we left them and what could potentially happen when Season 3 rolls around:


Alison was left in a strangely good place. She and Donnie seemed to work through most of their marital problems. However, their bonding took place over accidental murders. Donnie and Alison might be solid as concrete, but they actually have a body buried in the concrete floor of their garage. Someone has to find that eventually, and the married murderers might not be so stable when someone discovers their crime.


Sarah finally got her daughter Kira back after Rachel kidnapped her. The clone was still on a quest for answers, though: She found out that Project Leda was how she was created, met Charlotte, an 8-year-old clone, and discovered Project Castor, a military operation for male clones. The only thing left hanging in the balance for Sarah’s personal life was her love interests. Her ex, Paul, is with Project Castor, and Kira’s father Cal doesn’t seem to be leaving now that he knows the truth about everything. Executive Producer Graeme Manson is hoping to bring Michiel Huisman back as Cal, and that just might make a perfect old-fashioned love triangle.


Cosima was dying at the end of Season 2. Despite nearly giving viewers a heart attack during a dream sequence of her lover Delphine, Cosima did make it through to the end of the season. It doesn’t look like she’ll make it much further, though. Rachel halted Cosima’s research with the DYAD Institute in order to manipulate the clones (despite the fact that Rachel, along with all the clones, could also be at risk for Cosima’s disease). Rachel also transferred Delphine to Germany, causing outrage among fans. Everyone loves Delphine and Cosima, or as fans dubbed them, “Cophine.” Producers will probably torture fans a little bit more and keep Delphine in Germany for a few episodes before bringing her back to work on curing Cosima.


Rachel’s manipulation didn’t quite work out. Despite kidnapping Sarah’s daughter and cutting off Cosima, she still got a pencil through the eye, thanks to Cosima and Sarah. Unless the writers decide to just make Rachel a pirate, she will probably only be driven further into her rage and madness. She desperately wants a child, and with Sarah and Helena being the only clones that can reproduce, she might go after Helena instead.


Helena, after being kidnapped and impregnated by the Proletheans, burned down the farm where she was held hostage (and maybe killed the people in it, but Helena doesn’t really have the guilt problems that Alison does). She finally got to meet Cosima and Alison, and immediately after leaving her clones ended up kidnapped again -- this time by Sarah’s foster mother and ex-boyfriend Paul. "Orphan Black" viewers saw her being taken onto a military plane, and have to assume that she is being taken to Project Castor. Helena will probably give birth while taken hostage, and Project Castor will likely do what every other agency has attempted to: study why Helena can reproduce.


Tony is the only living clone that we met this season but didn’t catch up with in the finale. Tony is the transgender clone who is still in the dark about everything. He knows he’s a clone, but Sarah and Felix told him to stay away for his own safety. So far he has listened, but it seems likely that he’ll turn out to have the same disdain for authority that all the other clones do. Season 3 of "Orphan Black" will definitely find Tony in trouble.

“Orphan Black” will return in 2015 on BBC America. For now though, we’ll just have to keep ourselves busy by campaigning for Tatiana Maslany’s Emmy nomination.

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