‘Orphan Black’
What will P.T. Westmoreland (Stephen McHattie) do in “Orphan Black” Season 5, episode 3? BBC America

“Orphan Black” Season 5, episode 3 will air on Saturday, June 24, and lead star Tatiana Maslany has some interesting spoilers for the upcoming installment.

While speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Maslany confirmed that this season’s big bad, P.T. Westmoreland (Stephen McHattie), will play a huge role in “Beneath Her Heart.”

Maslany’s co-star, Maria Doyle Kennedy, who plays the role of Mrs. S, also told the publication that there’s one scene written specifically by co-creator Graeme Manson after he saw Kristian Bruun do something in her home. “I am proud to say that one of the things that happens in this episode is a direct result of a kitchen party in the house that I was living in with my family in Toronto. At one of the parties, Kristian Bruun did something so outrageously amazing and co-creator Graeme Manson happened to be there, and he wrote it into the episode,” she said.

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Elsewhere in Season 5, episode 3, Alison (Maslany) will return to her community center, only to find out that one of her good friends has already moved on. In the 30-second teaser released by BBC America for episode 3, Alison and Donnie (Bruun) also have a conversation with an unnamed man in their home. The latter asks the couple about something they are not willing to share.

Additionally, Rachel (Maslany) will share plenty of screentime with Sarah’s (Maslany) daughter, Kira (Skyler Wexler). In episode 2, the young girl chose to go with Rachel instead of her mom, and this made Sarah feel very upset. In the clip, Kira tells Rachel that everyone has been reminding her not to trust the Leda clone. Rachel asks Kira if she actually trusts her, but she finds it difficult to give her an answer.

An emotional Sarah is very curious as to what exactly Rachel did to Kira that the latter chose Rachel over her. But by the looks of it, the smart young girl is on a mission to give answers to her mom the minute they reunite.

“Orphan Black” Season 5 airs Saturdays at 10 p.m. EDT on BBC America.