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OtterBox has a number of mobile gaming accessories that help make playing on the go a better experience
OtterBox has a number of mobile gaming accessories that help make playing on the go a better experience IBTimes/Bob Fekete

Who Is The OtterBox Mobile Gaming Clip and Carrying Case For?

  • The OtterBox Mobile Gaming Clip and Carrying Case are ideal for any gamer on the go
  • Both the case and clip are designed for Xbox controllers, which is great for those playing xCloud or Stadia games
  • The OtterBox Carrying Case eliminates any worry of throwing a controller into a bag when travelling

Gaming on the go has only gotten better as time goes on. What started with the humble Game Boy has exploded into things like the Nintendo Switch. New technology has also introduced cloud gaming, allowing gamers to play tons of console-quality games without the need for expensive and bulky hardware. With all of this gaming attention shifting to phones, OtterBox knew this was the right time to pivot into making gaming hardware. Like how the name OtterBox has become synonymous with great cell phone cases, I think the brand is also going to become the mobile gamer's best friend.

Mobile Gaming Clip

The first of two things we're going to talk about in today's review is the OtterBox mobile gaming clip. This is a fairly simple and straightforward clip that is designed to attach to an Xbox controller. Once attached to a controller, a gamer can then put their cell phone into the top of the clip.


The OtterBox mobile gaming clip uses a three-prong system to hold phones in place. While this doesn't look like it has the same grip quality that other mobile gaming clips have, OtterBox's clip has a surprisingly strong hold on phones. I've even shaken the clip all around after putting a phone in, and the phone didn't budge. That means even the most bumpy car ride or rough plane turbulence should not cause a phone to go flying.

The OtterBox clip also uses a locking mechanism to control the angle and height of a phone attached to the clip. This allows users to get their phone to a comfortable, weight-balanced position without squishing their fingers or having to crane their necks. Even better, this allows the clip to fold up, making it easier to store.


OtterBox Storage Case

Speaking of storage, OtterBox has a sort of companion product for the mobile gaming clip. The OtterBox storage case has been designed with the travelling gamer in mind, and there are a surprising number of features built in that go along with that.


The most obvious feature for the OtterBox storage case is a safe place to put an Xbox controller. I don't know about you, dear reader, but whenever I travel I always hate putting controllers into bags. It may be irrational, but I'm always nervous one of the thumbsticks will break somehow. Those fears are put to rest with the OtterBox case, as its protective shell is more than enough to keep controllers safe in transit.


The top of the carrying case looks a little odd, but that's because of another great feature that OtterBox included. The case has a flap that can be folded out to create a makeshift phone or tablet stand. Those that don't have the OtterBox mobile gaming clip, or simply don't want to use it at the time, can make a little stand for their phone to be supported on, similar to those tablet cases that can fold out into a stand.


There is a small hole in the back of the OtterBox carrying case that is covered by a flap. The hole lines up nicely with the charge port on an Xbox controller, allowing users to snake a charge cable through. This is an easy way to provide power to a controller when not in use, and have it ready for when players want to start gaming.

Brand Synergy

Perhaps the most thoughtful aspect of the OtterBox carrying case is how it has enough space for all of OtterBox's recent gaming hardware. We previously reviewed the OtterBox Power Swap rechargeable batteries, which we gave our Editors Pick award. The carrying case is not only designed to hold a controller with one of the Power Swap batteries installed, it also has a space in the case designed specifically for the second battery that is included with the Power Swap kit. Unfortunately, the Power Swap charging base doesn't have a dedicated slot, but the batteries can be charged individually via a USB-C cable if the base isn't wanted.


Final Thoughts


Overall, OtterBox's mobile gaming initiative is filled with high-quality, thoughtful gear that will make any gaming experience on the go better. The mobile gaming clip is smartly designed and holds onto Xbox controllers and phones with equal stability, and can fold up for storage, but at the end of the day it's just a good controller cell phone clip.


The OtterBox Storage Case is really where the genius ideas are. This case is a must for all of my future travels, as I no longer need to worry about the safety of my controller while it is tucked away. The case can also act as a little platform, which is nice for gaming or watching videos while I'm on the go. This is really more than just a controller case, it's a complete mobile gaming storage solution.

BONUS OtterBox Controller Shell Review

Surprise! There's one last OtterBox product to review in all of this madness, and it's the OtterBox controller shell. This shell is a durable, thick piece of plastic that is snapped onto an Xbox controller to provide some extra durability and grip.


The highlights of the OtterBox controller shell include the swappable grip pads. There are two to pick from, and putting them in is a simple process. If a gamer wants to switch to the other grip they will have to completely take apart the shell and put it back together with the other grips installed, but it isn't that difficult to do and only takes a minute or two to swap.

The controller shell also makes an Xbox controller feel a bit more hefty in my hands, which was pretty nice. I don't even have that big of hands, and something like the original Duke Xbox controller is way too big for me, but I liked the slightly beefier Xbox One feel.


It's also nice that, while OtterBox does have its own battery solution, the OtterBox controller shell can work with any battery configuration. The shell doesn't require the OtterBox Power Swap batteries to fit onto a controller.

The downside to the case is that due to the way it is built, it kind of crowds in on the left and right bumper buttons on the top of the controller. Normally, these two buttons are very easy to push, but the OtterBox controller shell kind of forces you to press them at a different angle that feels a little unnatural.


At $40, the OtterBox controller shell does feel a little expensive for what it is. That said, if you are someone who is concerned with dropping controllers, or you have children that may play a little rough, this controller shell does feel like it can take a beating while still keeping a controller safe.


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