• Sam Heughan got candid about the online abuse he experienced in the past six years
  • Sam Heughan received death threats, personal slurs and false narratives from online bullies
  • Sam Heughan's "Outlander" co-stars rallied to support him

The cast of “Outlander” showed their support for Sam Heughan after he got candid about the online abuse he experienced in the last six years.

On Thursday (April 16), Heughan, who plays Jamie Fraser on the popular Starz TV series, opened up about the abuse he received from trolls in the past six years. It reportedly started in 2014 when his hit drama debuted.

In a lengthy post Heughan shared on Twitter, he wrote that he encountered constant bullying, harassment, stalking and false narrative in the past six years. There were “personal slurs, shaming, abuse, death threats, stalking, sharing of private information and vile, false narratives” with some claiming that he is manipulating his fans and others alleging that he is a closet homosexual.

There were also claims that he misleads or exhorts his fans for money and disregards the COVID-19 advice. The bullies included professionals like teachers and psychologists whom Heughan considered “adults who should know better.”

Heughan said that he has done his part to provide a voice to charities and contribute a little entertainment or light relief amid the pandemic. He concluded his post by thanking his fans who has supported him and by reminding everyone to “stay safe and please be kind to yourself and each other.”

Several of Heughan’s “Outlander” co-stars rallied to support him.

“Sad that Sam has had to come out and say all this,” Heughman’s on-screen partner Caitrional Balfe wrote.

“If you don't like us .. it's a big beautiful world out there. Find something you do love and enjoy that. Life as it's all too clear right now is short. Why waste it hating,” she added.

“Very sad that it's got to a point where a guy like Sam, truly one of the nicest & most positive people I know, feels he has to post this,” wrote Steven Cree. “Since Outlander became a worldwide phenomenon, he’s always led the line in exemplary fashion; not to mention his incredible charity work too.”

David Berry showed his support to Heughan for his bravery to stand up against online bullying. He also described Heughan as a “kind person and a generous friend.”

Colin McFarlane was shocked to learn about the online abuse Heughan endured. According to the British actor, Heughan is one of the “nicest humblest guys I have ever worked with.”

Sam Heughan
Sam Heughan is pictured at an "Outlander" event on Oct. 28, 2018 in Savannah, Georgia. Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images for SCAD