Outlander Christmas gift ideas
Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie (Sam Heughan) fans would definitely be happy receiving some of the "Outlander" gifts below for the holidays. Starz

The “Outlander” TV show and books have a massive following, but you might be a little lost when gift shopping if you haven’t watched the program or read the series. Although the Starz drama has been on for just one season (with Season 2 in production), the books series started over 20 years ago. That means there is plenty of merchandise and gifts available to buy for Christmas or Hanukkah. Even if your “Outlander” fan already has the DVDs and books, there are still plenty of “Outlander” presents that are probably on their list.

Here are nine "Outlander" gift ideas for the holiday season:

1. Candles -- Make their house smell like the Scottish coast with In the Wick of Time’s Outlander candle ($15). If your loved one is more interested in the series’ leading man, a room can easily smell like Jamie (Sam Heughan) with a Book Scents candle ($14).

2. Claire’s Ring -- Take note: this is probably the most romantic gift you can get if your significant other is an “Outlander” fan. Claire’s (Caitriona Balfe) wedding ring has two different versions. The TV show wedding band ($249.99) is simpler than the book version ($60).

3. Christmas Ornament -- Add a little “Outlander” flair to the tree with an official “Outlander” ornament ($14.99).

4. Funko! Pop Figure -- Your loved one can have their very own Jamie Fraser or Claire Randall. The little vinyl figures are both space and budget-friendly ($8.95).

5. Necklace -- Try a dragonfly in amber necklace ($33.50). With “Outlander” Season 2 on the way, based on Diana Gabaldon's “Dragonfly in Amber” book, it certainly seems like appropriate timing.

6. Coloring Book -- Adult coloring books are very trendy this season, and “Outlander” has joined the fun. Artists can color in plenty of romantic Jamie and Claire scenes in “The Official Outlander Coloring Book” ($12.00).

7. A Signed Book -- A meeting with Gabaldon isn’t exactly something you can put under a Christmas tree, but it is easy to get a novel she signed. The Poisoned Pen sells “Outlander” books autographed by the writer (prices vary).

8. Wine Or Beer Glasses -- Let your favorite “Outlander” fan curl up with their favorite book and a glass of their favorite beverage. Official wine glasses ($54.99) and ale cups ($39.99) are a great addition to any kitchen.

9. Cookies -- If you’re looking for something sweet, get them a delicious treat. Walker’s makes Scottish shortbread cookies, and they’ve created a special “Outlander” box ($7.49).