"Outlander" Season 1 episode 2 shows Colum MacKenzie's distrust of Claire. Find out how he used alcohol to get her to spill her secrets. Starz

"Outlander" Season 1 episode 2 picks up right where episode 1 left off, with Claire and Jamie approaching Castle Leoch. Claire is brought to Mrs. Fitz who will be taking care of her for her stay. But before Mrs. Fitz can clothe her, Claire wants to change Jamie’s bandages and disinfect them as best she can.

Claire discovers that Jamie’s back is covered with scars from flogging. The scars are from fighting off two redcoats who attacked his sister, Jenny. Captain Randall (the man who attacked Claire last week) assaulted his sister, ripping her dress off in public and forcing Jamie to watch. Then Randall flogged Jamie while forcing Jenny to watch. He offered Jenny two options: watch Jamie be tortured more and potentially die or sleep with Randall. She slept with Randall.

Jamie switches the subject and tells Claire that her husband is lucky to have a wife who can heal wounds. Claire thinks of her husband, Frank, who doesn’t know where she is. For all he knows, she ran off with another man. Claire cries and tells Jamie that Frank is dead. Jamie hugs her (while he’s shirtless in front of the fire).

Before she leaves, Jamie reminds her that she is an outlander. Jamie says, “Never forget that you’re English in a place where that’s not a pretty thing to be.”

The next morning, Claire sleeps in (which is considered any time past 5 a.m.) and Mrs. Fitz takes Claire through the arduous process of getting dressed. Mrs. Fitz is confused by Claire's undergarments.

“What kind of corset is that?” Mrs. Fitz asks.

"It’s a brassiere," Claire says. "It’s from France."

With proper clothing, Claire is sent to see the Laird and starts to panic about what she doesn’t know. She finds the year 1743 on a letter. She realizes she only knows certain things from the era. She can’t even remember the King of England for a moment.

She talks to the Laird of the castle, Colum MacKenzie, and lies about time traveling. She tells MacKenzie that she was traveling to France with a servant when they were attacked. She had to abandon her horse and belongings. She was wearing so little clothing because Jack Randall tried to rape her.

MacKenzie seems skeptical but he agrees to give her shelter and a way back to Inverness in five days. She knows that she needs to get back to the stones to go home.

Claire goes to dinner and MacKenzie questions her about her story at dinner. She quickly lies about the pronunciation of her name (she pronounces Beauchamp like Beecham), her plans to go France, if she’d ever been there before, whom she was staying with and more. Claire excuses herself when she realizes that MacKenzie has been getting her drunk. He is trying to get her to give up more information by slipping her more drinks.

The next day Claire goes to the stable to change Jamie’s bandages and bring him lunch. Jamie reveals that his real name isn’t MacTavish (which is why no one knows who she means when she says Mr. MacTavish). He is hiding with the MacKenzies because they’re his uncles. The truth is that Jamie is wanted for murder. There is a hefty price on his head, but he tells Claire that he was wrongly accused. The murder was just after he’d been flogged by Randall, and he could barely stand. That doesn’t matter to the Englishman who put the price on his head. He tells Claire that there aren’t many people who can be trusted with this information. Claire asks why he told her all of this if it's sensitive information. “To be honest,” he said.

When Claire leaves, she realizes someone is following her. Dougal suspects that Claire is a spy for the English, so he has a spy following her.

Claire decides to be utterly boring over the next few days to erase any suspicion. Mrs. Fitz puts her to work collecting herbs for the kitchen. Claire meets Geillis Duncan while picking some mushrooms. Claire tells her that while the tops are poisonous, the bottoms can be made into a powder that stops bleeding. Geillis tells her that many people say Claire is a spy, but many people also think Geillis is a witch. Claire doesn’t seem to care, and the two quickly become friends.

Geillis takes Claire to the hall where MacKenzie acts as a judge for arguments. It’s basically a courtroom. Geillis translates the Scottish Gaelic for Claire. In the last case, she explains, “Her father accuses her of loose behavior.” The teenage girl’s father wants MacKenzie to punish her.

Jamie asks to take her punishment for her. He opts for fists instead of the strap. Claire is appalled that the village is gathered and just watching Jamie take punches. Then he is punched in his dislocated shoulder. After they leave the hall, Claire tends to Jamie’s wounds and asks why he defended that girl. He says that it’s because she would have been humiliated. He’s been humiliated enough that this won’t be traumatic for him.

Claire tells Jamie that she’ll be leaving tomorrow and the two say a quick goodbye. However, Claire isn’t leaving for Inverness so soon.

Colum tells Claire that the Beatons are famous through the highlands for their healing abilities. Beaton sounds a lot like the way Claire pronounces Beauchamp. Colum tells her that she is staying as a healer.

“You mean [I’m staying] as your prisoner, don’t you?” she asks.

“Only if you try to leave,” he says.

Claire is left alone in the basement with the potions and healing materials looking completely defeated.

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