“Outlander” Season 4 started off in a big way. Just as Jamie and Claire seemed like they were going to be happy, Stephen Bonnet assaulted them on the way to River Run. They’ll arrive at Jamie’s aunt’s plantation completely penniless in episode 2.

Luckily, Aunt Jocasta (Maria Doyle Kennedy) is doing quite well. They’ll be excited to pull up to her land, but not everything is perfect. “Claire and Jamie struggle to make a home for themselves in the backcountry of North Carolina during the period of colonial America at yet another turning point in history: the cusp of the American Revolution,” the synopsis for Season 4, episode 2 says.

Claire (Caitriona Balfe) will really have trouble accepting that Jocasta owns slaves. In a TVLine sneak-peek video, seen HERE, Claire tells Jamie’s (Sam Heughan) aunt that she doesn’t approve of treating people as property, prompting Jocasta to question if Claire is a Quaker. Claire makes up a story about healing some Quakers and hearing their beliefs.

Outlander 402 Jamie Claire
Jamie and Claire will get into trouble at River Run in "Outlander" Season 4, episode 2. Starz

“Jenny was right about you,” Jocasta says, referring to Jamie’s sister in Scotland. “You are a peculiar lass. She made mention in her letters that you were spirited, headstrong, that you’ll not blush to share your thoughts on any matter, versed in it or no.”

“The same could be said for Jenny,” Claire quips.

The promo video shows that Jamie and Claire’s opposition to slavery will get them into trouble in episode 2, titled “Do No Harm.” The clip shows Jamie pointing a gun at someone trying to lynch a black man. However, his rescue could have consequences. Another scene shows Jamie and Claire looking out the window to see an angry mob.

“Obviously, she goes in there wanting to have a good relationship with her and wanting the best, but the fact that Jocasta has a plantation is very difficult for Claire,” Balfe said at PaleyFest last month. “I think seeing slavery firsthand, seeing it up close — it’s very difficult for her to get past that. And I think that that just creates this wall … because they’re just from two different times and they’ll never understand each other’s perspectives. And that’s quite difficult because in many, many respects, Jocasta would be the solution to a lot of problems, but I think that Claire just can’t get past that.”

Dealing with slave owners isn’t their only problem. Jamie won’t be feeling great after Stephen Bonnet (Ed Speleers) attacked them. In the promo video, he says, “I couldn’t defeat him when it mattered most.”

“Outlander” Season 4, episode 2 airs Sunday at 8 p.m. EST on Starz.

Outlander 402 Claire
Claire gets a few new outfits at River Run in "Outlander" Season 4, episode 2. Starz
Outlander 402 Jamie Jocasta
Jamie is delighted to be reunited with his aunt in "Outlander" Season 4, episode 2. Starz
Outlander 402 Claire Jocasta
Claire has some disagreements with Jocasta in "Outlander" Season 4, episode 2. Starz
Outlander 402 spoilers
After a tumultuous ride, "Outlander" finally brings our characters to River Run in Season 4, episode 2. Starz