• The Deathproof set reduces Boulderdash's cooldown by 90% while providing extra Firepower
  • This build strikes a good balance between single-target damage and survivability
  • The build is vulnerable to crowd control effects 

Anomaly Power with the Deathproof set isn’t exactly the most logical thing to do, but it can yield some surprising results when built properly in “Outriders.”

Despite being geared toward Firepower builds, Deathproof’s set passive can make it a viable candidate for an Anomaly Power Boulderdash build. This ability doesn’t exactly stand out too much compared to the other Devastator skills, but it still has its uses, especially now that it got a significant buff from the “New Horizon” update.

Here’s how to make a solo CT15-viable Boulderdash build using the Deathproof Devastator set in “Outriders.”

Legendary Gear, Skills and Mods

Use the Deathproof gloves, footgear and helmet. Firepower is irrelevant for this build, so try to squeeze in as much Anomaly Power, Skills Life Leech and Cooldown Reduction from the two Epic armor pieces in the chest and leg slots.

Ironically, none of the Tier 3 Deathproof mods provide any value to the build itself apart from the helmet’s Primal Weakness mod and even this isn’t necessary for the build to work. The most important mods are:

  • Bloody Boost
  • Tainted Blood
  • Primal Gutting
  • Primal Knuckle Duster

Any other mod that boosts Anomaly Power or provides some form of a boost to damage or survivability can fill in for the other vacant slots, but make sure these four mods are present. Boulderdash will be the primary damage dealer of this build, so try to stack as many damage mods as possible to make each cast worthwhile.

Reflect Bullets and Golem serve as safety nets for this build. Boulderdash has a relatively short range, which makes the player vulnerable to gunfire once the skill ends.

Golem is mostly used as a safety net, but Reflect Bullets serves a very specific purpose: block gunfire and prevent stagger effects while Boulderdash is cooling down.

Reflect Bullets gives players hyper armor, which prevents them from being staggered by melee attacks from elites or mutants. This makes the ability worth using even in encounters where there are no bullets to reflect.

Class Tree

Go down the Seismic Shifter tree and take every node that increases Bleed effects, Anomaly Power and Resistance Piercing. Then, take Champion, Blood Donation, Protected by the Anomaly and Skilled Sentry.

Class Tree setup for an Anomaly Power Boulderdash build in Outriders
Class Tree setup for an Anomaly Power Boulderdash build in Outriders Outriders

Blood Donation is essential to surviving CT15. Make sure that enemies are bleeding all the time to constantly regenerate health.

Recommended Weapons

Deathshield with Shadow Comet and Fortress is the go-to for almost every Anomaly build. However, since this build can deal two Shadow Comets’ worth of damage with every hit of Boulderdash, any weapon will work just fine.

Consider using shotguns or assault rifles with Bleeding Bullets to reliably apply Bleed on enemies to proc Blood Donation.