• The Grim Inventor set now lets “Outriders” players use Tools of Destruction indefinitely
  • This build is great for one-shotting large waves of enemies
  • Players may have trouble dealing with elites or bosses with this build

The Technomancer has access to some particularly potent builds with their Ordnance abilities, making this the best class for “Outriders” players who love splash damage and big explosions.

Unlike the mine-laying Torrential Downpour build, this one takes full advantage of the Grim Inventor armor set that was recently buffed in the “New Horizon” update for “Outriders.” With the major buff to the armor set’s passive effect, players will now be able to spam more rockets using Tools of Destruction and Pain Launcher, which can result in some satisfying results in target-rich environments.

Here’s an overview of the updated Grim Inventor rocket spam build in “Outriders.”

Legendary Armor, Skills and Mods

As of the “New Horizon” update, the Grim Inventor set will now allow Pain Launcher to reload the rocket launcher or minigun from Tools of Destruction an unlimited number of times instead of just once per Tools of Destruction deployment. This means that players will be able to keep their heavy weapon out indefinitely as long as Pain Launcher keeps hitting enemies.

Outriders features coop play for groups of up to three players
Outriders features coop play for groups of up to three players Square Enix

Apart from these two abilities, take Fixing Wave for its heal and ability to reload weapons with the Quartermaster mod.

For this build, players will want mods that increase the effectiveness of both Pain Launcher and Tools of Destruction. Consider taking the following:

  • Demolition Man
  • Rain of Pain
  • Advanced Rockets
  • Bang for your Buck
  • Captain Hunter

These mods pair nicely with the built-in ones from the Grim Inventor helmet, chest piece and leggings. Players will be able to shoot more rockets out of Tools of Destruction and spam Pain Launcher more thanks to the reduced cooldown from Rain of Pain.

Make sure to have as much Anomaly Power and Cooldown Reduction on all armor pieces to maximize damage and Pain Launcher uptime.

Class Tree

Take all of the Anomaly Power nodes down in the Demolisher tree as well as defensive and cooldown nodes. Players can maintain permanent uptime on Techbond if they manage to get Pain Launcher’s cooldown below 10 seconds.

Recommended Weapons

Since this is a Tools of Destruction build, weapon selection is largely negligible. However, both Rocket Launcher and Minigun will inherit on-kill mods like Killing Spree, although the Firepower boost will go to waste since the ability scales off of Anomaly Power.