• The Outriders Legacy and Big Iron side quests reward players with legendary loot
  • Hunts, Bounties and Historian activities reward legendary loot when all related quests are completed
  • Completing Historian quests is the fastest farming method out of the three activities

Legendary weapons and armor are some of the most coveted items in any loot-based game, and “Outriders” is no exception. These items grant powerful effects that can top off builds with the best synergies possible.

The Expeditions game mode that unlocks after the main campaign is completed is a great way to earn legendary equipment, but it may prove to be too difficult for some players who are still optimizing their builds. Legendaries will only start dropping in Challenge Tier 6, where they have an abysmal 0.75% drop rate.

Players who don’t want to spend time grinding Expeditions can instead opt to grab some guaranteed legendary loot from the main campaign map. These will take more time than doing Expeditions, but those who are not yet able to clear high Challenge Tiers efficiently may want to consider doing these instead.

Here’s how and where to get guaranteed legendary loot in “Outriders.”

Side Quests

The campaign map has a number of side quests littered around Enoch, and two of them actually give legendary weapons upon completion. These quests are Big Iron and Outrider’s Legacy.

Outrider’s Legacy can be started upon first reaching Trench Town. Interact with the hanging corpse near camp and follow the objective markers that appear. This is a fairly long quest that will take players through a fairly big chunk of the game’s first half, and it’s best done after the end of the campaign to ensure maximum loot level.

The legendary double gun Lucky Jinx from Outriders The legendary double gun Lucky Jinx from Outriders Photo: People Can Fly

Big Iron will be available after the Utargak story point, and unlike the previous quest, this one is much shorter. Completing this quest will give players the option to choose one of three different legendary weapons upon completion.

Bounties, Hunts and Historian Quests

These three activities are not only great sources of purple loot, but completing all of them will also net players one legendary item each.

Each of these activities have 10 missions in total, and players will want to do all of them if they want to get as many legendaries they can. Hunts tend to be easier than the others as most of the enemies are melee, but certain builds can let players clear all of these content comfortably enough to make difficulty irrelevant, especially in lower World Tiers.