• The Borealis Monarch set significantly increases the damage dealt to frozen enemies
  • The armor set synergizes perfectly with Blighted Rounds
  • This build can decimate bosses within seconds

The Technomancer class has some of the most powerful single-target damage setups in “Outriders.” With “Worldslayer,” these builds have become even more powerful, now being capable of defeating the tankiest of targets in a matter of seconds.

Here’s a fresh new take on the classic Blighted Rounds build using some of the mods and skills added in the new expansion.

Armor, Skills and Mods

The Borealis Monarch armor set massively increases the damage dealt to frozen targets while also granting everyone in the team a small boost to their critical hit damage. This armor is not only great against elites and bosses, but it’s also very effective against clearing trash mobs when paired with certain mods.

The Borealis Monarch chestpiece for Technomancers in Outriders Worldslayer
The Borealis Monarch chestpiece for Technomancers in Outriders Worldslayer Outriders

This passive effect stacks with other freeze-boosting mods like Shatter as well as other damage modifiers. Here’s a mod setup that takes advantage of Blighted Rounds, Cold Snap and Blighted Turret:

  • Critical Analysis
  • Painful Chill
  • Icicle Storm
  • Frostbite
  • Shatter
  • Gravedigger’s Frenzy
  • Toxic Lead/Trick Up The Sleeve
  • Freezing Boost
  • Sharp Eye
  • Critstack

With this setup, players should have near-unlimited ammo as long as they score kills on Toxin-afflicted targets thanks to Toxic Lead. Meanwhile, Euthanizer and Shatter will stack on top of the Monarch set’s 70% damage boost to frozen enemies, which will lead to surprisingly high DPS gains, especially on critical hits.

Class Tree

Take every node with Firepower and weapon damage in the Pestilence tree, including Nitrogen Capsules. Make sure to grab the Exposing Toxin skill as well.

For the Pax skills, take the Permanence and Dissection nodes in the upper branch of the Desolator tree. To maximize DPS, try replacing some armor mods with ones that give benefits upon hitting or killing enemies afflicted with Burn or Bleed.


Ideally, players should be using a tactical assault rifle for this build because they have high base damage values and strong critical damage multipliers. The Messenger, a new legendary assault rifle, is great for this build as it comes pre-built with the Dimensional Rockets mod, which deals extreme damage to single targets.

Any other mod that increases damage can slot in nicely in this build. Dark Sacrifice, Ultimate Damage Link and Ultimate Storm Whip are all excellent choices.