• The Lava Lich set grants increased damage and faster cooldowns for the Eruption skill
  • Eruption benefits greatly from cooldown reduction and damage multipliers
  • Pyromancers can convert Resistance Piercing to Anomaly Power

The Pyromancer’s Eruption skill didn’t get any new mods, unlike a few of the class’ other abilities, but it still got a big buff through the new Pax system introduced in “Outriders: Worldslayer.”

The old Lava Lich Pyromancer setup got significantly stronger with lower cooldowns and much more damage than before with the new passive skill nodes. Here’s a Pyromancer build that makes full use of the new Pax skills in “Outriders.”

Armor, Mods and Skills

The Lava Lich set buffs the damage of Eruption by 50% while also reducing its base cooldown by 30%, which stacks with other cooldown reduction effects from passive nodes and other abilities.

Eruption will mostly be used against elites and bosses since it still has a fairly lengthy cooldown despite the reduction perks. To compensate for this weakness, use Ash Blast and Overheat. Both abilities are very strong against common enemies thanks to their huge range and high burst damage.

The Lava Lich's helmet for Pyromancers in Outriders
The Lava Lich's helmet for Pyromancers in Outriders Outriders

Use the following mods to buff these abilities up:

  • Etna
  • Pompeii
  • Improved Damage
  • Magma Coat
  • Death Sentence
  • Master Consumer
  • Unstoppable Force
  • No Resistance Against The Fortified (NRATF)
  • Detonator
  • Bullet Kindling/Ashen Boost

Spam Ash Blast and Overheat to clear enemy hordes, and then use Eruption to delete powerful enemies.

Class Tree

Players can take the usual route down the Tempest tree, taking all damage and cooldown reduction bonuses while ignoring Burn and Skill Leech. Save enough points to reach the Hot Situation node in the Ash Breaker tree for that 45% AP boost whenever Ash Blast is used.

As for the Pax skills, take Master Exploder and Arsonist. These will greatly increase the damage of both Overheat and Eruption while also greatly reducing their cooldowns to almost nothing.


Unstoppable Force and NRATF work together to essentially convert Armor Piercing into Resistance Piercing and Anomaly Power.

To get the most out of these mods, players should equip a weapon with high Armor Pierce and the First Things First mod, which greatly increases Armor Pierce after reloading. Fire one shot from an FTF weapon and then reload. Players will never have to fire another shot afterward.

The Fortress and Mage’s Rage combo will still work with this build, but consider replacing NRATF with Arms and Anomaly when using these mods.