The Epic Store has yet again rotated its weekly roster of free games and will continue to do so until the end of 2019. This week's free game is the co-op, cooking sensation “Overcooked” which will be available for free until July 11.

Whereas some of the weekly free games on the Epic Store have been mostly obscure titles, “Overcooked” needs no introduction. The game gathered fame for its unique co-op mechanics and hilarious antics.

The game was released last Aug. 2, 2016 and has since amassed a large cult following thanks in part to many YouTubers who’ve filmed themselves playing it with friends. The basic premise is you play as a little chef who has to run around a kitchen, cooking meals according to button prompts. The fun increases tenfold as more friends join, and more chaos and hilarity ensue.

In the game, you play as chefs who must save the world from a giant spaghetti monster by preparing meals in the kitchen. You are sent back in time by the Onion King to learn all you can about the trade before finally facing off against the giant monstrosity and hopefully pleasing it enough so that it spares you and your world. The levels get progressively harder and harder, and sometimes you even have to prepare dishes while being on two separate moving vehicles.

Players will have fun playing this game with friends as you all desperately try to get dishes prepared in time to earn the highly-coveted 3-star rating. The fun increases when one of you tries to sabotage the other as it is possible to “push” other chefs out of the way. It is entirely up to you to use that skill for good, or for evil.

Simply hop on to the Epic Store Client to play this fun co-op game, or you can download it here.

The next weekly free game, which comes out this July 11, 2019, is the Diablo-esque dungeon crawler “Torchlight.” “Torchlight” is an action role-playing hack and slash dungeon crawler developed by Runic Games and published by Perfect World. The game was released in 2009 and continues to be a fan favorite among fans of the “Diablo” franchise.

Screenshot from "Overcooked's" launch trailer. "Overcooked" is this week's free game on the Epic Store. You'll be able to play the fun, co-op game for free until July 11.